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I’m Cheryl, a high school teacher and mom of three boys (ages 14, 12 & 9). I write monthly empowerment for moms raising tweens and teens. The email includes:

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You can also check out my posts on The Huffington Post and Today Parenting. 

Empowered Moms & Kids Monthly Newsletter & Freebie Library

Educational posts, laughs, things to remember, verses to pray over your family and more. These emails will empower moms parenting tweens/teens. 

Be an Empowered Mom

Topics that include self-growth, faith, healing and how to imperfectly thrive in motherhood. 

Raise Empowered Tweens/Teens

Connecting with your tweens/teens, shaping faith-filled kids, and raising kids with character. Enjoy parenting tweens & teens.

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Meditations for Moms: Renewal and Empowerment in 8 Minutes a Day

Learn a simple, short meditation practice designed just for moms. This book will walk you through 7 meditations that will help you calm the crazy-mom-brain, hear your inner compass, and be wrapped in God’s peace.

Watch a video of me explaining more about the Meditations for Moms  eBook here. 


Free Devotional for Kids

Help your kids daily see God working in their ordinary lives. This simple, family devotional is powerful and effective.  We’re all crazy busy, so I intentionally created this devotional that will act as a stress-reliever as you and your child connect over the pages. Grab it for free below.

(Devotional target age = early tweens)

Watch a video of me explaining more about Kids Devotional here.

I set up a video series on Teachable. (To access it for free, you’ll need to create a password.) In the course, you’ll see:

  • The science behind why a gratitude journal works
  • Two strategies to help your teen get excited about keeping a gratitude journal.
  • Free gratitude journal download.
  • Plus – 2 bonuses! Free download of 30 inspirational quotes & Bible verses (Paper size and notecard size)
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Latest Posts

Put the Me Back in Mommy Summit

It was so fun to present at the Put the Me Back in Mommy Summit hosted by Isabelle Bridges. (Fun Fact: Isabelle is the daughter of actor Jeff Bridges.)

I talk about How to Find Time to Do What You Love (Without Feeling Guilty About it!). I discuss: 

  • My epic mom-crash. 
  • Why taking me-time is not just important – it’s vital! 
  • How to let go of the mom-guilt. 
  • How to find more actual time in your busy day. 
  • How to maximize that time. 

Watch the replay below…

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