How to Hear God’s Voice Through Motherhood

(Inside: How to notice God’s voice in your life through motherhood.) I see and feel God in my ordinary life every single day.   It is not audible. Instead, it is a feeling…a message through a moment that speaks to my heart.   I feel it when my 3-year-old repeatedly hugs and kisses me. I Read More

Teach Your Kids to Give Using the Once-a-Month Strategy (October)

(Inside: Teaching your kids to give from the heart using the once-a-month strategy.)   Month one of our “Once-a-Month” adventure was supposed to start in November, but a couple of all-the-stars-aligned moments occurred spurring us to start early. (We’re challenging ourselves to give as a family once-a-month. If you missed the introduction to why and how: read here.)    Read More

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