Why Moms Worry (And How To Let It Go)

(Inside: Better understanding why moms worry and steps to let it go.) My son’s arms and legs were covered with a worrisome rash.   So I took him to the doctor and was assured I shouldn’t be concerned. The red splotches peppering his body was not dangerous or contagious, but it would take ten days Read More

8 Awesome Things About Aging

(Inside: Eight ways you can feel more empowered with each passing birthday.) My birthday is here. Again. My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I didn’t even have to think, “Not to turn 38.”  With each passing year, I dread more reluctantly welcome my birthday.  But, the ironic part is,  when Read More

Teach Your Kids to Give Using the Once-a-Month Strategy (March)

(Inside: How to teach your kids to give from the heart.)   Our family has been working on sharing Jesus’ love by giving and serving more.  If you want to read the start of our journey and why we decided to do this, click here.   I had in my head what I wanted to Read More

Recycling a Toddler’s Bed (A Brilliant Mom’s Idea)

Sometimes, you just have to pull out your craftiness – or just hang out with crafty people and let yourself FEEL crafty just because you were in his or her presence.   I do that often with this friend.   Look what she did with old toddler’s bed headboard she found at the end of someone’s Read More

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