How to Grow Your Faith

(Inside: How to grow your faith.)   Have you ever looked at an obstacle in your life – struggling relationships, anxiety, indecisiveness, fear…etc… and concluded the reason your challenge has not moved is that you lack faith?   I get you.   Because we can think if we just have faith as small as a Read More

The Best FREE Kid’s Craft Ever

(Inside: A free, simple craft to keep your kids entertained for longer than 10 minutes.)   Let me start by saying I’m not crafty. This blog is not about crafts – but it’s about empowering families and a good idea always feels empowering, so here’s a simple craft that was a huge hit in our home. Read More

Teach Your Kids to Give Using the Once-a-Month Strategy (June)

(Inside: How to teach your kids to give from the heart using the once-a-month giving strategy.   This month of giving made me shake my head and laugh.    It reminded me of my 3-year-old’s last birthday.  We’d put thought and effort into buying him nice new toys and then as an afterthought, I also picked Read More

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