Help Your Children Daily See and Feel What it Means to be a Child of God. (So Valued and Loved.)

“Freckle Face,” an older boy had repeatedly called my son at recess.   Of course, my son came home upset.   How can two small words coming out of a thoughtless kid’s mouth put a rift in all that we have been trying to teach our son about how valued and treasure and loved he Read More

Cute Photo Ideas Using Superhero Halloween Costumes.

(Cute photo ideas for boys and superhero costumes.)   My three boys – in all their superhero glory –  are one of the featured costumes over at Simple Moments Stick. The pictures are from just two years ago, but oh how they look so young!  Slow down, time.   I found a great picture floating around the Read More

Teach Your Kids to Give Using the Once-a-Month Strategy (Conclusion)

(Inside: Teach your kids to give from the heart using the once-a-month strategy.)   I didn’t want our family’s Once-a-Month journey of daily showing God’s love in tangible ways to be the parents’ journey – I wanted my kids to be ALL IN too.    This month, we encouraged our kids to listen to their Read More

My Prayer for Courage

(Inside: A personal reflection of courage and faith.)   Courage is my current focus.   I’m learning to discern God’s voice in my life; to feel His gentle nudge and interpret what He writes on my heart.  I believe that He gives me – just like everyone else – talents and gifts. I believe He Read More

A Morning Prayer to Strengthen Mommas

(Inside: A morning prayer to strengthen and encourage tired mommas.)   My sister told me a secret to her joy and contentment.    Each morning, she lays in bed and prays to see her day – and specifically the people in her day – through God’s eyes.   Well, that’s an idea…   When I Read More

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