How Holiday Busts Also Tell the Christmas Message

(Inside: God even speaks through the holiday bumps.) Sometimes, the most annoying-not-as-we-planned-it moments in the holiday season best tell the true meaning of Christmas.   Here’s what got me thinking about this. I was editing these photos thinking: These are lovely. I love Christmas.   I almost forgot about the kiddos juggling ornaments, breaking ornaments, Read More

Moms, Do You also Survive on Fairy Tale Hope?

(Inside: How moms survive because of Fairy Tale Hope.)   Fairy Tale Hope.    A phrase I just made up so let me define it for you. I told my boys to put the last of the dinner plates and cups in the dishwasher while I finished getting ready. We all needed to leave. I’m Read More

Rediscover Your Everyday Miracle

(Inside: One way to slow down life and enjoy the everyday miracle.)     Every day you and I get to be a part of a miracle.   But I don’t always see it. (Do you?)   It’s undeniable when we see a beginning. A sweet newborn: we celebrate, we cuddle, we photograph. The miracle Read More

A Video to Get Your Kids Excited about Operation Christmas Child

(Inside: Teach your kids to give with a grateful heart.)  My son handed me the worn Target ad, its edges crinkled from fingers paging through it. Giant, uneven circles enclosed shiny transformers, expensive video games, and the epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego set. I squeezed his shoulders, “Looks like you put a lot of time Read More

Let Your Photography Enrich Your Life Perspective

(Inside: Notice your everyday sacred through photography.)     The other night, I sat on the floor with my computer on the coffee table, editing family pictures. Then – get this – my oldest son wandered over, sat behind me on the couch, and started playing with my hair.   (Ahhhh!)   He never does that. Read More

One Way to Get Your Kids to Cheerfully Clean

(Inside: An idea to teach your kids the value of hard work.)   I’m teaching my boys one way to a woman’s heart…  Cleaning.       And it’s working…so I wanted to share.   See this fabulous chore-chart/incentive-program/how-my-kids-earn-their-allowance thingy?     It’s a nice addition to our routine right now.    Usually, I just pin Read More

Why Your Words and Your Story are so Important

(Inside: Why we all need each other.)   She greeted me with a warm smile, like we were old friends, even though I barely knew her. Impulsively, I hugged her as I came through her door. She showed me around her lovely home: her cute kitchen with the pop of turquoise paint, her barn wood Read More

DIY Master Bathroom Remodel

You know how you start a project, get 90% done, then put off the finishing touches for like a year? This is the story of our master bathroom remodel. Our hang up? What to do with the mirror and windows. But here’s what my husband finally came up with: a curtain rod with a sliding mirror. Read More

When Parenting Gets Hard

 (Inside: One simple thing to do when parenting becomes challenging.) My three young boys and I still had not made it through the security checkpoint. The airport was hot, our carry-ons heavy and we stood uncomfortably close to strangers. Turtles moved faster than that line. Turtles didn’t even have to be alive to move faster Read More

A Tip to Make Your Everyday Photos Look Artsier

(Inside: A trip to make your kid photos look artsier.) I have a photography tip for you: Put your camera on the ground. (You don’t even need to have a nice camera, I took a few of these on my phone.)     It gives the photo an artsy look. And it also tells an important part of Read More

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