What to Do When Life Gets Frustrating

(Inside: Help to handle life’s frustrations.) I had an “aha” moment about life at work. I teach challenging high school students. These kids carry so much outside baggage; when they tell me their stories, I’m overwhelmed for them.   For my continuing education, I’ve been reading book-after-book on updated teaching strategies. The books are brimming Read More

How To Recapture Our Sweet Mom Moments Gone Forever

(Inside: For moms who feel sad over how fast their kids grow.)   A sad thought enveloped me as I kissed my third-grader’s cheek: I can’t remember the last time my oldest son let kiss me his lips. At some point, he offered his cheek instead and that’s how it has been ever since.     Read More

How God Spoke To Me In My Fear

 One of my biggest fears about going back to work after 6 years of being a stay-at-home-mom was feeling like I wouldn’t have enough time with my kids. Instead, I feel like I have become more intentional with my time. Like tonight, my son and I snuck out to enjoy some night skating – totally Read More

Photography – My Nieces

I absolutely love taking pictures of my boys, but – oh my – it is so…much…fun to take pictures of my little nieces. I wanted to take the photos outside, despite the cold, to get better light so I asked my youngest niece to pretend like she was Queen Elsa – you know…because the cold didn’t bother her anyway. It Read More

Do You Need to Just Simplify Parenting?

(Inside: If all there is to do in parenting is overwhelming you, put away your to-do list and instead reach for one goal.)   “You have boys!” A woman walked towards me, smiling a welcome as we visited a new church. “Our church needs more boys. My son would love friends who are boys to Read More

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