8 Reasons Why Alone Time for YOU is Good FOR YOUR KIDS

(Inside: Why alone time for you is good for your kids.) The other day I did it again.   I took time for myself.   Gasp.   When I rejoined the family, my husband asked me if I enjoyed my alone time.   Me: Yes. (Pause.) But now I feel guilty. Husband: Why? Me: I Read More

Photography – Feeling BIG FAMILY LOVE on Valentine’s Day

Someday other women will hold these boys hearts, but today… I get to be their valentine.   (Warning…over-the-top sappy words following. Sometimes I just get like that. Thank you for liking me anyway.) Sweet sons, you remind me how very blessed I am. You each are a miracle and a gift. When I look at Read More

One Line To Get You Through The Crazy Mom Days

I put my lanyard with my teaching badge and keys over my head. They fell against my black and white striped dress. I zipped up my tall black boots and grabbed my purse.   “Kids, it’s time for school.” (For both of us – students and their mama teacher.)   My oldest son (I have Read More

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