Photography & How It Strengthens My Perspective (Winter Photos)

  (Inside: How hobbies help us gain perspective.)     Sometimes, I can let one critical comment or tough moment overshadow the one million good things about my day. I hate when I do that. Oh, to have the willpower to not let words get me down. But, I don’t always have that kind of Read More

Momma, You are Inspirational – My Guest Post on Moms Magazine

 (Inside: Why ordinary moms are inspirational world changers.) I had a reflective moment about my community where I thought, Geez, they’re inspirational. Yet, I don’t think my friends see themselves this way. I guess I don’t either. Do you? I put pen to paper to untangle my thoughts and it’s published over on Moms Magazine. Read More

Our DIY Porch Remodel

About 4 1/2 years ago, we redid our porch. I wish I had before-pictures it was a sight: moldy roof, crooked base, paint peeling…gross     Here is what we did to make this place one of our favorite spaces to hang out:   1.  Raised the sagging side of the porch with a car jack and added supports to Read More

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