Why You Should Walk with Confidence Today

(Inside: Today. You got this.)   Whatever you have going on… Your day is normal, routine and mundane. Your day is relaxing and fun. Your day is extra busy. You’re trying to make a difficult decision. You’re taking a brave step or a chance on something new. Your mind is on someone or something you Read More

How a Messy Home is Good for Your Kids

A clean house makes me feel like a good mom.    If my house is under control, I feel like so is rest of my life and motherhood…even if reality reveals otherwise. I love the idea of maintaining a catalog perfect home where if a pillow is moved off the couch it is put back Read More

Happy Mother’s Day You Amazing Momma

You are a mom.   You give every day. You put others needs before your own. You love deeply. You teach. You referee. You mentor. You are creative, resourceful and strong. You freely give grace. There is no one else in your family’s life like you. Your importance is unique. Your influence impactful. You are Read More

What Healing Sometimes Looks Like

Recently my friend and I were sharing with each other how we get through the hard parts of life. How healing plays out in our lives. Our conversation inspired me to write this…   We’ve all been there.   Disappointed. Discouraged. Facing uncertainties. Gripped by fear. You experience a loss. A relationship is broken. Life’s Read More

To The Mother of All Boys (Huffington Post)

(Inside: Encouragement for moms of all boys.)   My second article made it on to the Huffington Post. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, it would be my honor if you would check it out.   I am a mother of three boys. No daughters. Just three wonderful sons. So, I have always heard Read More

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