Photography – Sibling Families & Grandparents (Empowerment through Hobbies)

(Inside: Why hobbies empower you.)   Hobbies empower us.   They build our confidence and improve our self-esteem.  Hobbies also provide us with a creative outlet and way to reduce our stress. But, as moms, we can feel like we shouldn’t pursue our hobbies. Yes, we don’t have the same time as our retired neighbor, but keeping our Read More

Some of My Best Parenting Happens at Target & Starbucks

(Inside: See how some of the most extraordinary moments are disguised as ordinary.)   I knew what my oldest son wanted.    His actions spoke for him. He followed me around. He didn’t say much, just wouldn’t leave my side. If I left the room, he was close behind. So I finally said, “Do you Read More

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