Rediscover Your Everyday Miracle

(Inside: One way to slow down life and enjoy the everyday miracle.)     Every day you and I get to be a part of a miracle.   But I don’t always see it. (Do you?)   It’s undeniable when we see a beginning. A sweet newborn: we celebrate, we cuddle, we photograph. The miracle Read More

A Video to Get Your Kids Excited about Operation Christmas Child

(Inside: Teach your kids to give with a grateful heart.)  My son handed me the worn Target ad, its edges crinkled from fingers paging through it. Giant, uneven circles enclosed shiny transformers, expensive video games, and the epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego set. I squeezed his shoulders, “Looks like you put a lot of time Read More

Let Your Photography Enrich Your Life Perspective

(Inside: Notice your everyday sacred through photography.)     The other night, I sat on the floor with my computer on the coffee table, editing family pictures. Then – get this – my oldest son wandered over, sat behind me on the couch, and started playing with my hair.   (Ahhhh!)   He never does that. Read More

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