Why Mom Mistakes Can Be Good

(Inside: Why moms should stress so much about our “mistakes.”)   I didn’t tuck my tween-age son into bed.   Instead, I slipped into my own bed and fell under the trance of Downton Abbey. (Which dashing suitor is Mary going to wed? I can’t believe that happened to Edith! HOW DID I JUST NOW Read More

Sadness Over Change {And The Good Stuff It Means}

(Inside: Our finishest DIY home and what sadness over change can mean.)   I thought it’d be fun to post pictures of our home we sold.       So many big life moments happened there: birth of our last son, two babies lost (miscarriages), a season of being a stay-at-home-mom, success in our careers, Read More

What I’ve Noticed About Hope

(Inside: Something you can do when you feel hopeless.)     Something I’ve noticed about hope, it always comes back to you.   It’s like how my son sends his yo-yo rapidly towards the ground and yet, when it reaches the bottom, it curls its way back up the string to be caught by ready Read More

Why the Mountain Before Us Will Move

To the mountain before us: Do you know how resourceful, creative and strong our God is?   There are many ways to conquer you.   We can scale you the old fashioned way with salty tears, gripping sweaty hands, and determined steps. Or a cheerleader helicopter pilot might swoop down, tuck us under the safety Read More

Photography – Hawaiian Beach, Part II

One thing I noticed about the Hawaiian beach we were on: Contrary to your inner dialogue and the opposite of what advertisers want us to believe, NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE IN A SWIMSUIT. Everyone is too busy enjoying themselves. I came up with this theory: When there’s breathtaking scenery and a relaxed environment, Read More

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