Momma, Why You Should Wear Today Differently

(Inside: Noticing the incredible impact you make in the ordinary.)     There is something so lovely about being called God’s masterpiece. God-an-artist resonates with me.    My sister-in-law is an artist. She knits, slip stitches and purls skeins into hats, scarves, and shawls. She took me to a trendy downtown yarn shop. I followed her Read More

Conversation From Our Winter Walk Around the Lake (Photography)

(Inside: Conversations and photography while walking around the lake.)   “This would be a great walking stick.” (Tugging at a large branch on a live tree that shows no sign of releasing.)“Look, there’s a beaver dam. I had no idea a beaver lived here!” “Watch me crunch this ice.” “Is that Yeti footprints? Or Big Read More

How to Outsmart Your Negative Thoughts

(Inside: Thorn-In-My-Side-Brain #GoAway) Often I have Normal-Brain with normal thoughts enjoying a normal day. But then there’s Thorn-in-my-Side-Brain. She shows up unannounced, uninvited and always overstays her welcome. Let me tell you how Thorn-in-my-Side-Brain thinks:   Enter any difficult situation with my child and Thorn-in-my-Side-Brain reminds me of how ill-equipped I am at parenting. She confirms Read More

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