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In the movie “Thor: Raganorik,” Thor’s hammer gets smashed and Thor thinks he can’t access his power anymore. His father Odin asked Thor this not exact quote, “Are you the god of hammers, or the god of thunder?” At that point, Thor realizes for the first time he doesn’t need his hammer to showcase his power. Well, guess what? 


Motherhood is my hammer. 


I know God intertwines His strength into all of us, and I can access it whether or not I’m a mom. But motherhood has been an essential tool to help me unleash all God put inside of me.  


Motherhood challenges me in hard but empowering ways. It unearths sides of me I didn’t know I had. It gives me the confidence to be creative, resourceful and… For. The. Love. … Just keep going when it’s all foggy and unclear.  Motherhood helps me see the sacredness and impact of ordinary moments. 


I’ve been a mom for twelve years. (Though I’m still 24. Miraculously.) With each passing year, I’ve learned more about myself and grown in powerful, unexpected ways. My background is teaching: master’s degree in Educational Leadership, high school teacher, ran a tutoring business from my home the six years I was a stay-at-home mom, currently an academic and career counselor for our high school’s E3 STEM program.  So, lessons pop out at me and I can’t even help but shape them to share. It’s like a reflex. It’s weird…but useful.  


Life has taught me the importance of using its lessons to empower me. For example, I was recovering from a miscarriage and when I finally started to sorta feel better, there were budget cuts at my high school and the lowest tenure teacher was let go…ME! I crumbled like a dry piece of bread. I don’t think I would have suffered for two years in moving past those challenges if I’d taken more time BEFORE the over-busy-mom-life crash to strengthen myself through encouragement. I went into that crash like a parched woman in the Sahara desert. So, with the same passion of Scarlet O’Hara who famously declared with her fist in the air, “I’ll never be hungry again,” I seek out encouragement. I’ve realized it’s NOT THE CHERRY on top, it’s the thick, creamy substance of life. So, I find: 

  • Inspiration 
  • God’s truths
  • Great books 
  • Amazing Ted talks 
  • Life hacks
  • All things that empower women


…and I share it with you. Then, as my kids grow and because I want them to have mental grit, I share life -lessons with them: 

  • How they feel loved. 
  • What really makes people happy. 
  • How to create a vision board 
  • And one-bazillion more ideas


Then – beware extreme selfish comment coming – as I connect with my family through these lessons, I realize that I continue to grow my mental toughness and general grit, in even more surprising and beautiful ways. I think that’s called – two birds, one stone. It’s for sure a win-win. 


This journey of seeking encouragement and sharing it with my kids empowers me to keep going. To live life to the fullest. To step out in faith. To be the best I can be. 


I want it to empower you, too, no matter what phase of motherhood you are in (babies to adult children to grandbabies.) I want to help you walk with confidence. See things from a different angle. Find joy. Follow your heart – reach for your dreams. And point your kids and grandkids there too.


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