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Put the ME Back in Mommy Summit (Free!)

(Inside: Join the FREE online mom summit! Listen to the 20+ experts who will encourage, inspire, motivate and give you lots of freebies! Read More

How to Deal with Difficult People (And not lose your mind!)

(Inside: Dealing with difficult people can be hard. But this one mindset and one action can help turn a struggling relationship into a thriving relationship.)   It’s been 2 weeks since my friend has spoken to me, even though I’ve seen her a hundred times in the time-span.   Awesome, right?   Of course, this isn’t Read More

A Powerful Way to Face Your Challenges

(Inside: Find confidence to beat your challenges.)  Moms, you know the times when you work hard at something – whatever pulses in your heart you MUST DO – finally, you present your “product” with arms up, chest puffed out and a “ta-dah”? Then, crickets…   That’s where I was at.   I had an idea Read More

Walk Away from Worry with the Magic 5:1 Ratio {Printable}

(Inside: How to reduce worry.) I looked down at my wounds. Two lines of raw skin replaced where the strap to my fancy shoes had just adorned my feet. Every time I wear those sandals, my feet spend the next week recovering. Yet I still talk myself into that stylish pair BECAUSE MY OUTFIT WILL Read More

What to do when you’re tired of your struggle

(Inside: Steps to take to find hope in your pain. What to do when you’re tired of your struggle.)   A note before you start reading: I highly recommend professional help. If you can’t move past your struggle and the pain feels overwhelming there are amazing professionals out there who want to help you. Make Read More

Moms, How to Prepare for the Fight

(Inside: How to deal with adversity.)     I was ready for a fight.   The T-birds versus The Scorpions. (Danny Zuko, anyone?)   It was my side against theirs and I was on deck. My why-we-are-right reasons were queued up. My comebacks loaded. My back pocket held insults and sarcasm. My tongue, sharpened. And Read More

18 Hours Later and I Felt Braver {For Moms}

(Inside: How motherhood gives you grit.)   I did something I never thought I could do this summer – drove 18 hours alone with my three kids on our marathon road trip.   Not straight – that’s madness. Over three days, I drove 9 hours, 5.5 hours, and then 3.5 hours.   But still. Eighteen Read More

Moms, Do You also Survive on Fairy Tale Hope?

(Inside: How moms survive because of Fairy Tale Hope.)   Fairy Tale Hope.    A phrase I just made up so let me define it for you. I told my boys to put the last of the dinner plates and cups in the dishwasher while I finished getting ready. We all needed to leave. I’m Read More

What Healing Sometimes Looks Like

Recently my friend and I were sharing with each other how we get through the hard parts of life. How healing plays out in our lives. Our conversation inspired me to write this…   We’ve all been there.   Disappointed. Discouraged. Facing uncertainties. Gripped by fear. You experience a loss. A relationship is broken. Life’s Read More

One Line To Get You Through The Crazy Mom Days

I put my lanyard with my teaching badge and keys over my head. They fell against my black and white striped dress. I zipped up my tall black boots and grabbed my purse.   “Kids, it’s time for school.” (For both of us – students and their mama teacher.)   My oldest son (I have Read More

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