How You Unknowingly Made a Huge Impact Today

(Inside: Let knowing the positive influence you make strengthen you as a mom.)     Work wasn’t as productive as I wished, dinner was pizza (again), and I got an email from my son’s teacher that he needed to retake his math test because of the low score. (Note: My son is a math teacher’s Read More

What I Told My Son About Girls

(Inside: Advice about girls for your son and conversation starter ideas.)    “What did you do today at recess?” I asked my eight-year-old son.   “Played girl-chase-boy…” – he paused before continuing – “…except a girl never chased me.” My son looked down at his feet, shrugged his shoulders and muttered, “So I went off and Read More

An Inexpensive Meaningful Valentine’s gift that Family will Love (Plus, Happy Valentine’s Day From Me to You)

 Inside: (A Valentine’s Day gift that holds a lasting impact nd thanks for reading Empowered Moms and Kids – I love you!) Someday other women will hold these boys’ hearts, but TODAY… I get to be their Valentine. I hope you are feeling lots of love today. Happy Valentine’s Day!     I’m a “Words of Affirmation” Read More

A Video to Get Your Kids Excited about Operation Christmas Child

(Inside: Teach your kids to give with a grateful heart.)  My son handed me the worn Target ad, its edges crinkled from fingers paging through it. Giant, uneven circles enclosed shiny transformers, expensive video games, and the epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego set. I squeezed his shoulders, “Looks like you put a lot of time Read More

One Way to Get Your Kids to Cheerfully Clean

(Inside: An idea to teach your kids the value of hard work.)   I’m teaching my boys one way to a woman’s heart…  Cleaning.       And it’s working…so I wanted to share.   See this fabulous chore-chart/incentive-program/how-my-kids-earn-their-allowance thingy?     It’s a nice addition to our routine right now.    Usually, I just pin Read More

How a Messy Home is Good for Your Kids

A clean house makes me feel like a good mom.    If my house is under control, I feel like so is rest of my life and motherhood…even if reality reveals otherwise. I love the idea of maintaining a catalog perfect home where if a pillow is moved off the couch it is put back Read More

Why Crazy-Mama-Knows-Best Moments Work

(Inside: A story to show why crazy-mama-knows-best moments work.)   This weekend, we headed out of town to visit friends.   Packing for a trip involves me being a perfectionist. (Meaning, I drive myself and everyone else a little crazy.) I needed this trip to be relaxing, so I decided…no stress, including packing stress…   Read More

my kid hates to read

Why I’m NOT Freaking Out that My Kid Has Low Reading Scores

(Inside: My kid doesn’t want to read. Encouragement for parents and practical steps to take when your kid doesn’t want to read.)   My Child Doesn’t Want to Read My oldest son cried every day for 2 years about it. Every day. It was horrific. I started to dread it… …the 20 minutes every day Read More

8 Reasons Why Alone Time for YOU is Good FOR YOUR KIDS

(Inside: Why alone time for you is good for your kids.) The other day I did it again.   I took time for myself.   Gasp.   When I rejoined the family, my husband asked me if I enjoyed my alone time.   Me: Yes. (Pause.) But now I feel guilty. Husband: Why? Me: I Read More

Do You Need to Just Simplify Parenting?

(Inside: If all there is to do in parenting is overwhelming you, put away your to-do list and instead reach for one goal.)   “You have boys!” A woman walked towards me, smiling a welcome as we visited a new church. “Our church needs more boys. My son would love friends who are boys to Read More

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