In the movie “Thor: Raganorik,” Thor’s hammer gets smashed and Thor thinks he can’t access his power anymore. His father Odin asked Thor this not exact quote, “Are you the god of hammers, or the god of thunder?” At that point, Thor realizes for the first time he doesn’t need his hammer to showcase his power. Well, guess what? 

Motherhood is my hammer. 

I know God intertwines His strength into all of us, and I can access it whether or not I’m a mom. But motherhood has been an essential tool to help me unleash all God put inside of me.  



Motherhood challenges me in hard but empowering ways. It unearths sides of me I didn’t know I had. It gives me the confidence to be creative, resourceful and… For. The. Love. … Just keep going when it’s all foggy and unclear.  Motherhood helps me see the sacredness and impact of ordinary moments.  Through mom life, we can all leverage life’s highs and lows to become stronger women. As we allow life to teach and strengthen us, we can also teach our children to let life empower them instead of flattening them. It’s exciting. 

Here are some of my posts on numerous topics on Empowered Moms & Kids that will hopefully empower both you and your kids.


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Empowerment for Moms

Strong Moms
To the Mom Who’s Going Back to Work
18 Hours Later and I Felt Braver {For Moms}
The Power of Friendships
How to Outsmart Your Negative Thoughts
Why Mom Mistakes Can Be Good
A Morning Prayer to Strengthen Mommas
Build Your Mom Confidence Through Knowing This
To Moms of Babies
To The Working Mom
The Power of Stillness in the Chaos


Mom Perseverance
My Story of Healing From Miscarriages
My Kids Grow Too Fast (Sniff) – What to Remember
Remembering (and Grieving) Someone I Loved
Why the Mountain Before Us Will Move
What Healing Sometimes Looks Like
What to Do When Life Gets Frustrating
How To Recapture Our Sweet Mom Moments Gone Forever


Happy Moms
Why Moms Worry (And How To Let It Go)
Increase Your Happiness IN THE CHAOS {Printable}
How to Silence the Mean Voice in Your Head
A Challenge to Look for Your Joy Today
Mama, Are You Beautifully Exhausted?
How to Forever Cherish Our Best Mom Moments
How Growing Older Can Be Exciting
One Thing You Need to Build a Strong Community of Moms
The Single Best Thing a Parent Can Do {FREE Mini-eBook}


Moms Who Write
Momma, Should You Write? (Or Start a Blog?)


Everyday Sacred

Faith in Motherhood
How to Hear God’s Voice Through Motherhood
The Best Part of the First Day of School
See The Everyday Moments That Help You Refuel
How to Grow Your Faith
How to Find the Joy in Your Christmas Season
Walk Away from Worry with the Magic 5:1 Ratio
How Holiday Busts Also Tell the Christmas Message
Your Unique Sacred Gesture – Did You See It Today?


Impactful Moms
How You Unknowingly Made a Huge Impact Today
Momma, You are Inspirational – My Guest Post on Moms Magazine
Why Crazy-Mama-Knows-Best Moments Work
Why Your Words and Your Story are so Important
Rediscover Your Everyday Miracle
Momma, Why You Should Wear Today Differently
Do you Really See How Impactful Your Ordinary Is?
Some of My Best Parenting Happens at Target & Starbucks


Creating our Family Space

My husband and I always wanted to buy a home that needed TLC and make it our own. To be a great mom, you don’t need a perfect space! But, I think it’s fun, empowering and even healing to have this creative outlet. I love a pretty, comfortable place to start and end our crazy days in. Also, I posted these pictures of our home in a pristine state – because if you post it on the internet as perfectly clean, then our home is always spotless…right!?!

DIY Kitchen Remodel (With Barn Wood Countertops!)
Our DIY Bathroom Remodel
DIY Master Bathroom Remodel
DIY Bedroom Remodel
My Remodelaholic Guest Post – How to Create a Sliding Mirror Over a Bathroom Window
Sadness Over Change and The Good Stuff It Means {DIY Complete Home Remodel Photos}


Empowerment Through Hobbies (Mine is Photography)

Hobbies empower us. To learn a hobby and discover how much better at it you can become than you even expected is confidence building. Then little eyes watch us and feel empowered too. Photography is my hobby. What is yours?

Winter Photography – Family of 3
Photography Fall (Empowerment through Hobbies)
Create Amazing Winter Photos of Your Family With These Editing Tips
Moms, How to Capture Extraordinary Pictures of your Ordinary Moments
Sunset Photography – Family of 5
A Family of 3 Photography
Photography & How It Strengthens My Perspective (Winter Photos)
A Tip to Make Your Everyday Photos Look Artsier
3 Photography Tips for Moms Capturing Summer Moments


Raising Empowered Kids


Why Your Kids’ Weaknesses are also Strengths
Why I’m NOT Freaking Out that My Son Has Low Reading Scores
8 Reasons Why Alone Time for YOU is Good FOR YOUR KIDS
One Line To Get You Through The Crazy Mom Days
Do You Need to Just Simplify Parenting?
When Parenting Gets Hard
Parenting Struggles {Noticing Hope}
Helicopter Parenting (The Good Kind)
Get Your Kids Out The Door Happy And On Time With THIS
How a Messy Home is Good for Your Kids
85+ Kids Activities That Promote Creativity {Printable}


Creating Family Connection

One Way to Learn How Your Kids Feel Loved
One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid
A Lesson to Increase You & Your Kids’ Happiness
 How to Teach Your Kids to be Consistently Kind


Teaching Your Kids to Give Using the Once-a-Month Strategy




Raising Sons

Guest Post on Made to Mother: To the Mother of All Boys
Mother/Son Photo Ideas
One Way to Get Your Kids to Cheerfully Clean
What I Told My Son About Girls
When You Doubt Your Sons Learn Your Life Lessons



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