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Empowered Moms and Kids Freebies

I put together a mini-eCourse to help moms get their kids excited about daily choosing gratitude. Here’s what the course includes:

raise grateful kids



Free Christmas Phone Wallpaper & Printable 

I always decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Always. My house could be on fire and I’d still find a way to dust off the fake tree and hang the tinsel. Because I love the holiday season.  

However, I think I’ve learned to love the adult version of Christmas. (Which is very different than the kid version of the holiday.) Over the years – it’s been a slow opening of my eyes to see God in the hustle over feeling stressed because of the hustle. So here I am again, about to put up the tree, whispering this prayer… Read on…





Have you missed one too many orthodontists and soccer practices like me? Life is so busy – I needed a better way to stay organized. My friend hooked me up with a weekly planner and I’ve loved it! However, I needed more space in the after-school hours, so I created my own and am giving it to you today. Read the full blog post here…







summer planning activity for kids


Do you want your kid to choose to stay off of video games this summer? Do you want to see your kids outside, laughing and playing? Or do you want your teen to pick up his beloved guitar and practice on his own? Or would watching your kids grow their friendships make you smile? Summer is a great time for your kids to unleash their creativity, learn how to make the best use of free time, and simply be reminded of how fun life can be. Empowered Moms and Kids has a powerful summer planning activity that will help your kids (and parents too!) have the best summer ever!  Read the full blog post here. 









 146+ best chapter books your tweens will love that will also help them develop positive character qualities. For late-elementary/middle school age kids. Each book is categorized in character qualities we are trying to grow in our kids. The list also has a wide variety of reading levels and topics; hopefully, every kid can find something they like. Almost every book has been recommended to me by a teacher, parent, or kid, but still, the entire list might not be right for every kid so click on the title on the live blog post and read more about the book if you’re questioning. Grab the free list below:

Yes, I want the booklists for tweens & teens!







During the parenting years, we’re making some of the most important decisions of our lives. To make those “best decisions,” we need moments away to hear how our hearts, our inner compasses, are directing us. This FREE eBook Meditations for Moms: Renewal and Empowerment in 8 Minutes a Day contains 7 days of meditation/silence/prayer (using deep breathing and mindfulness techniques) that will renew us and help us find those next best steps. Sign up above and get this eBook sent right to your inbox. Read more about this eBook here. 






What Moms Can Do NOW to Raise Their Kids to be Leaders

The transformational language you can use in everyday life that will help shape your children into leaders. Read on…










Free Kids Devotional to help teach kids to know – really know – how loved they are by God. Empower them to walk through daily with confidence. 


Read the blog post that goes with this freebie here:
Help Your Children Daily See and Feel What it Means to be a Child of God. (So Valued and Loved.)




moms get organized



Daily motivating tasks that will help moms better feel on top of meals, laundry, and cleaning while being inspired. Learn how to take care of your heart and your home. Read more here… 






how to get my teenager to talk



Moms, do you want to connect with your son(s) more? Do you wish they would open up and talk to you? Do you want to know what makes them tick? Read more here







Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash


A list of 123+ of books that are page-turners. My high school juniors helped me compile this list. Every book is recommended by a high school student and/or high school teacher. Read more here…










Deepen family connection, and understand yourself and your kids better by using the 5 Love Languages activity. This is a great family dinner time discussion.


Read the blog post that goes with it here:  One Way to Learn How Your Kids Feel Loved







Cure summer boredom. Raise creative kids. Download a list of 85+ Kids Activities that Promote Creativity. Read the full blog post with links to videos, links to articles, pictures and more here. 









Do your kids always answer your questions about school with: fine, a shrug, or can I have a snack?  I have 30 questions that will help you better peer into your child’s heart and get the conversation started.


Read the blog post that goes with this freebie here: One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid








Free inspirational art to print out and place around your home:

1. Life is Art. Paint Your Dreams (Blog post that explains why I love this saying is shared here.)

2. “Worry doesn’t empty today of its sorrow, it empties tomorrow of its strength” Corey Ten Boom (Read the blog post that goes with the printable here: Walk Away From Worry with the Magic 5:1 Ratio)

3. It is Well with My Soul

4. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8)




Here’s what I did with Printable Art #3:




Gratitude does amazing things to our perspective. I’m convinced God breathes a holy quality into gratitude. Get inspirational sayings to place in all your favorite spots to renew your mind and empower your thoughts.

Read the blog post that goes with this freebie here:  Rediscover Your Everyday Miracle








I get so tired of the constant worry moms carry. I finally realized how much it negatively impacted my life in unhealthy ways. I decided to do something about it. Though it was a long journey and I can’t sum it up in a blog post, here’s one piece of the story: Walk Away From Worry with the Magic 5:1 Ratio)









Getting our kids out the door happy and on time can be like walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. This list can help. Read the blog post that explains more here: Get Your Kids Out the Door Happy and On Time with THIS








Life hacks to make the everyday mom-life run smoother.











Grab this free lesson to help your family better understand what makes life fulfilling, meaningful and better create happiness. Read the full blog post here: A Lesson to Increase You & Your Kids’ Happiness









Our kids haven’t necessarily learned the art of kindness yet. Yes, some small-human personalities seem to be born with extra doses of kindness they execute always. But for some kids, being kind when they don’t feel like it is equivalent to bench pressing a 500-pound weight. Read more about How to Teach Your Kids to be Consistently Kind.





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