Are you a mom of a tween and/or teen? You’re at the right place…

Being a mom of a tween and/or teen is unique:

-We’re sad our kids are growing so fast, yet we’re also proud of who they’re becoming.

-Our kids REMEMBER what we say.

-More independent kids give moms time to revisit our personal goals.

-Time is moving at warp speed and we hope we’re doing enough right.

I’m Cheryl, a high school teacher of 20+ years, a mom of a 13yo, 12yo and 8yo (all boys!), and writer of this website. Subscribe to get monthly encouragement about important stuff tween/teen moms should know about. Plus, get free instant access to the Empowered Moms and Kids library. The library includes two free ebooks, printables to help you raise kids of character, and more. 


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Meditations for Moms: Renewal and Empowerment in 8 Minutes a Day

Learn a simple, short meditation practice designed just for moms. This book will walk you through 7 meditations that will help you calm the crazy-mom-brain, hear your inner compass, and be wrapped in God’s peace.

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Raise Empowered Tweens/Teens

Help your kids daily see God working in their ordinary lives. This simple, family devotional is powerful and effective. Make it a dinner time discussion or a conversation as you tuck your kids into bed. We’re all crazy busy, so I intentionally created this devotional that will act as a stress-reliever as you and your child connect over the pages. Grab it for free below.

(Devotional target age = early tweens)


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Watch a video of me explaining more about this eBook here.

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“I’ve approached so many things in my life with such intensity that I want to approach motherhood with dedication and focus.”

Drew Barrymore