A Busy Mom’s Christmas Prayer

(Inside: A busy mom’s prayer for Christmas. Build your faith in the holiday season. See God in the holiday hustle.)   A Busy Mom’s Christmas Prayer   Dear God,  This time of the year is magical – but oh so busy. Lord, I want to see YOU in the Hustle.  I pray that…  When we are Read More

Notice Your Unique Sacred Gesture This Holiday Season

My hand smoothed warm cheeks before I bent down and kissed my sons’ goodnight. The stairs creaked as I tiptoed down them to settle comfortably in my favorite zebra fabric chair at our dining room table. I felt my body relax into writing, the keys of my laptop feeling good against my fingers. The lights Read More

Your Unique Sacred Gesture – Did You See It Today?

My normal cooking strategy is to bang pots and pans around in the kitchen until my actual-good-cook husband enters the space and says, “I’ll do the main meal. You just cut the strawberries.”  “Oh, that’d be awesome. Thanks.”,(I’d like to cook – if it wasn’t so boring.) So I was not at all surprised when, Read More

What to do when you’re tired of your struggle

(Inside: Steps to take to find hope in your pain. What to do when you’re tired of your struggle.)   A note before you start reading: I highly recommend professional help. If you can’t move past your struggle and the pain feels overwhelming there are amazing professionals out there who want to help you. Make Read More

How Your Kids Empower You to Persevere

(Inside: How my son’s basketball game empowered me to keep going.)     My son’s basketball team doesn’t win a ton. The whistle blows, shoes squeak, bounces echo and then the scoreboard ruins us. But hands to the heavens, at the last tournament, his team won three games in a row to claim the overall Read More

Momma, Why You Should Wear Today Differently

(Inside: Noticing the incredible impact you make in the ordinary.)     There is something so lovely about being called God’s masterpiece. God-an-artist resonates with me.    My sister-in-law is an artist. She knits, slip stitches and purls skeins into hats, scarves, and shawls. She took me to a trendy downtown yarn shop. I followed her Read More

What I’ve Noticed About Hope

(Inside: Something you can do when you feel hopeless.)     Something I’ve noticed about hope, it always comes back to you.   It’s like how my son sends his yo-yo rapidly towards the ground and yet, when it reaches the bottom, it curls its way back up the string to be caught by ready Read More

Why the Mountain Before Us Will Move

To the mountain before us: Do you know how resourceful, creative and strong our God is?   There are many ways to conquer you.   We can scale you the old fashioned way with salty tears, gripping sweaty hands, and determined steps. Or a cheerleader helicopter pilot might swoop down, tuck us under the safety Read More

Rediscover Your Everyday Miracle

(Inside: One way to slow down life and enjoy the everyday miracle.)     Every day you and I get to be a part of a miracle.   But I don’t always see it. (Do you?)   It’s undeniable when we see a beginning. A sweet newborn: we celebrate, we cuddle, we photograph. The miracle Read More

Some of My Best Parenting Happens at Target & Starbucks

(Inside: See how some of the most extraordinary moments are disguised as ordinary.)   I knew what my oldest son wanted.    His actions spoke for him. He followed me around. He didn’t say much, just wouldn’t leave my side. If I left the room, he was close behind. So I finally said, “Do you Read More

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