Quick Ways to Preserve Mom Moments

(Inside: Your kid said something that made you throw your head back and roar. How do make sure you remember that moment?)     A co-worker put her hands to her face, signed big and lamented she couldn’t believe her son was graduating. Slightly distressed and in mourning she shared, “I’m trying to cherish EVERYTHING, even Read More

Photography – Cookie Decorating

(Inside: Empowerment through hobbies.)   9-year-old: I might get a Godzilla from Santa. Me: You think? 9-year-old: Yeah, because what I know about Santa is that he knows what kids want and he knows if they are on the good list or the bad list. Me: Which list do you think you’re on? 9-year-old: Probably Read More

Merry Christmas from Me to YOU!

There are many fantastic mom-writers to follow, so know I don’t for-one-second take for granted you being on my page. Thank you, lovely person.  From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!    Do you read Empowered Moms & Kids, but aren’t on my mailing list? Get all blog updates and freebies and some bonuses, right Read More

Sadness Over Change {And The Good Stuff It Means}

(Inside: Our finishest DIY home and what sadness over change can mean.)   I thought it’d be fun to post pictures of our home we sold.       So many big life moments happened there: birth of our last son, two babies lost (miscarriages), a season of being a stay-at-home-mom, success in our careers, Read More

DIY Master Bathroom Remodel

You know how you start a project, get 90% done, then put off the finishing touches for like a year? This is the story of our master bathroom remodel. Our hang up? What to do with the mirror and windows. But here’s what my husband finally came up with: a curtain rod with a sliding mirror. Read More

Build Your Mom Confidence Through Knowing This

(Inside: Call our these five lies in your life and be more confident.)   I have noticed a few lies we sometimes embrace as truths. I have noticed them in conversations, in actions, and sometimes in my own thoughts. I’m calling out these five lies:   1. Everyone has to get us. It’s really nice when people Read More

Our DIY Bathroom Remodel

(Inside: Our DIY bathroom remodel.)   My husband and I bought an older home that needed updating.  Fixing up an old house has been a bucket list thing for us.  My favorite thing about this whole DIY remodeling our home thing is how fun it is to see what my husband comes up with.  Carpentry is my husband’s Read More

Remembering (and Grieving) Someone I Loved

(Inside: A granddaughter grieving the loss of her grandpa.)   My grandpa recently passed away and I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that he is gone.   What a loss.   He was 94 years old and for many years his mind had been sick with dementia and his Read More