I’m Cheryl, a mom of three, high school teacher, wife, and author of Empowered Moms and Kids.

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Your brain bounces between your day at work, what time(s) your kids need to be at practice, your teen’s missing school assignments, that you haven’t called your mom lately, the load of the laundry to be switched, “What’s for dinner?” and “Why are 3 of my brain-tabs frozen?”  
You are raising tweens and teens – the unique parenting phase where everything gets easier…and harder.
We’re finally believing all those “they grow so fast” comments. This is your last hurray with kids in your home and you want to love it.  
You’re taking a second look at your career, your hobbies, how to share your gifts and talents. 
Parenting grows your faith and then makes you wonder where your faith is. 
You long for friendships and deep relationships, but you’re just so busy. 
You’d love a quick place to connect and feel encouraged.  
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