11 Awesome Sports Chairs That Reflect Your Parenting Style (Which One Are You?)

(Inside: For the sports parents: choose your sports chair and your parenting style. How your sports chair preference displays your awesome parenting style.)

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This soccer mom set her swinging chair (see #9) to view the game from and all eyes were on her.

The picture of comfort.
And out-of-the-box thinking.

The other moms and I gathered around to check out her genius. Then, one mom also noticed our cool-chair-friend’s trendy shoes, and when asked about them, our friend described how they’re something about the material and design that made her feel the earth better and kept her grounded in this busy mom life – and we oohed and ahhed over that too.

As I sat back down in my own sports chair (#8), it hit me: this mom is the outside-of-the-box thinker in our mom group. She sees things from a slightly different, yet profound angle. Her chair reflects how she approaches mom life.

Then I noticed my chair, and how I huddled underneath my canopy shielding myself from the harsh ultraviolet rays, and almost laughed out loud. I am the cautious parent. My sports chair choice represents my dominant parenting style.

I continued my observation from the sidelines of the soccer game and saw how my moms and dads chose sports chairs that represent their approach to parenthood.

Epiphany moment.

Now, I know you reading this have spent hours upon hours upon years upon years sitting on the sidelines watching Junior handle the ball. 

So I want your opinion as a fellow sports parent.

See below my analysis of the 11 sports chairs we chose and how they reflect our main parenting styles.

Then, we’d love it if you’d leave our community a comment here on…
1. Which sports chair you sit in.
2. How accurately it represents your main parenting style…60%? 70%? 99%?

9 Parenting Styles Reflected By Your Sports Chair Choice

Parenting Style #1: Classic – Relaxed and Content

Let’s be honest. This ain’t your first rodeo. You are the best fan there is, was, and ever will be, just like this classic lawn chair. You enjoy the game. You tell your kid good job and ask if they had fun after it is over. You cherish and truly enjoy the game experience. It never gets old and is rust-free. You are stopping to get an ice cream cone on the way home.

Through the ups and downs,
wins/losses, rain, sleet, or snow – you have been as faithful as the webbed polyester classic chair.

Your parenting style is content, and you’re in it for the long haul. You don’t sweat the small stuff and laugh a lot with your family. 

Parenting Style #2: Always Seeing the Big Picture and Being Prepared

Some may call you over-prepared or have slight jealousy in their hearts when you roll up in this reclining lawn chair.

You already know that a game scheduled at 1 pm means you showed up early at noon with your game face on ready to wait for at least an hour. With your wealth of fan experience, you already know what others don’t: the game before your teams will run an hour behind because of extra innings, so you situate this oversized recliner under a shade tree in the outfield for a perfect pregame rest.

Words like zero gravity, deluxe, and ergonomic flow like honey off your lips.

Owners of this recliner are typically older parents/grandparents with a solid 401K who will at some point mention that sports are just a great way to learn life lessons and build relationships, while their child sees little to no actual playing time.

You are the only fan rested, relaxed, and totally at peace with game day life.

Your parenting style is always seeing the big picture and being prepared, and your kids can always count on you.

Parenting Style #3: Strong, Sturdy, and Reliable

Honestly, you would prefer to stand but you are exhausted from running the concession stand for the third game in a row. You would love to see your child in action, so when there is a lull in sales, you settle for the trusty metal folding chair positioned perfectly behind the fence which offers you a partially obstructed view of the field, but quick access to the popcorn/nachos if a customer should arrive.

You are strong, sturdy, and reliable just like this chair choice. You are unfazed by keeping up with the Joneses and believe faith, love of country, and the importance of family are where happiness can be found.

Just like your sports chair, your parenting style is strong, sturdy, and reliable, and your stability gives your kids strength and comfort. 

Parenting Style #4: Resourceful and a Good Steward

The decision to buy a bargain lawn chair from a big box retailer may feel good in the pocketbook, but may not the day after using it for 3 plus hours. Payback comes in the form of stiffness and cramps in hip muscles that have not been used since birthing this child.

The good news is twofold: you
will be able to afford the next travel season team dues with the money you have saved and the mesh cup holder built into the armrest can also be used as an emergency trash holder for used Kleenex/empty candy wrappers.

What can we say? You are resourceful and self-sacrificial which means you always have a roof over your family’s head, food in the fridge, and extra in savings. 

Your parenting style is resourcefulness and being a good steward of your gifts and belongings, and your family feels safe and always provided for. 

Parenting Style #5: Make the Best of Messy Life

Picture an over-used, slightly broken version of the above chair.

After driving over an hour to an out-of-town contest you realize this rinky-dink facility has no metal bleachers for fans.

The team coach
thought it would be good to play other teams, even though you live in a large well-to-do area and play home games in a semi-pro stadium. This is not that. You are in the sticks. The other team’s warm-up jerseys are overalls.

A quick scan around the
parking lot reveals that a portable potty is the best option for emergencies with your three younger children. There’s no way your tagalongs will let that work.

youngest needs a snack, but there is no concession stand in sight. Hopefully, the kids can split the smashed strawberry fruit bar and a pack of applesauce you found in the bottom of the diaper bag. It’s similar to Jesus feeding the 5000, but it’s just you and your littles. At halftime, you track back to the gas station about 15 minutes up the road which will serve as the snack/potty stop.

Returning to the field, you find an
extra lawn chair under your stroller, you didn’t know you had packed. Parent win. Proudly you stride over and place it down next to the other parents on the team, hoping you can catch a little action and maybe visit with friends while the baby naps. Opening the chair you realize one leg is broken off, which you already knew about previously, but had forgotten to throw the chair away. You defiantly squish the broken leg into the soft turf and make do.

Your parenting style is your making the best that you can out of messy life. You teach your kids to roll with the punches and show them that happiness is not based on perfection, but rather a deep inner peace that you for sure have.  

Parenting Style #6: Research Hard and Find the Best

The Mesh Rocker is the top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art in sideline seatery.

Once you roll up and sit down in one of these bad boys there is no
turning back. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the game without a worry in the world. Junior is playing hard and having fun. Your Roth IRA and his 529 are fully funded. Colorado in the fall, Cancun in the spring.

“Can’t wait to see how he plays with his
new gear”, is mentioned to fellow parents as you slowly rock back and reach into your cooler for a day’s worth of top-of-the-line snacks and drinks.

Looks aren’t everything, but man, you look great. It is hard
to get a tan in October, but somehow you managed. Pretty sure your 4th grader is going pro – just like you, the Mrs. Mesh Rocker. 

Your parenting style is always to do the research and find the best. If you’re going to live life, then do it in style. Your family feels safe because they’re riding in the safest car, wearing the most well-made clothes, and going to the best doctors. Your willingness to read all the reviews serves them well. 

Parenting Style #7: Practical and Intentional

Small, lightweight, and yet with a cup holder and heated seats, the bleacher seatback has a small target audience: middle-aged parents who are just past the baby stage and happy to get rid of the strollers, so aren’t about to sling a full-on rocker across their shoulders.  Or slightly older parents who haven’t pulled red wagons for years and have made a solemn vow never to carry that much stuff again.

Converting the traditional bleacher into a somewhat comfortable and discreet seat (bonus, heat for the cold states!), at any indoor or outdoor stadium event it can be utilized. 

You and the bleacher chair back are practical yet intentional, and just like you, always adjust well to your surroundings.

Your parenting style is practical and intentional. For the most part, you keep your kids grounded by pursuing “normal”, but you occasionally know when to spend the money on the best or put yourself out there to attend the best. Your kids are well-adjusted because of the way you think, something they’ll someday thank you for. 

Parenting Style #8: Careful

Let’s face it, the sun is amazing and the sun is aging us, and the latter drives your chair decision.

You like to 100% of the time be in the shade, yet sit and see a good spot on the sidelines, so enter getting to the game early and this shaded chair. It’s got a cup holder and a side pocket for a book to read while you wait for the game to start.

Your parenting style is careful. All decisions are thought through from every single angle and every time of day. (2 am is the most fun for your brain.) There’s a small (big) chance that you worry a lot, but are worried if you give up the worry, no one else will worry for the family like you do, so you trudge on with a bit of a sense of humor about yourself.

But, on the flip side, your family has someone who looks behind, before, and beside them and deeply thinks through this life-and-decisions thing.

Your parenting style is cautious, and it feels good to your people to be loved by someone so careful. They will always cherish you. 

Parenting Style #9: Outside the Box Creative

Not only do you unpack this unique chair, but you are the only parent with a heated outdoor blanket and shoes that help you better connect with nature.

You’re the parent who sees how much the defensive does to help us win the game, how a kid’s eyebrow-raising behavior will serve them well one day if shaped right, and how not every needs to go to college to earn a good living.

Your parenting style is creative. You don’t always color between the lines and your reflex is to think outside the box. Your ability to see the world from a different view helps your kids spread their wings and soar. You are a gift to your family. 

Parenting Style #10: The Super Fan

Let’s face it, no matter the choice of chair, if the weather is not cooperative during your favorite youth sports event, life can be pretty miserable. This all-weather sports tent is perfect for those who are just that.

These parents never miss a game, are always early, and stay late to joke around with the coach. H
air up, makeup on, and freshly baked cookies for the team, these parents will be extremely comfortable inside their heated bubble. Choose a temperature, stay out of the wind, and dodge the raindrops all at the same time as you cheer on the star of the team.

5th weekend in a row with a tournament championship and MVP parent performance will be no problem thanks to this perfect setup. In case anyone couldn’t attend because of the weather, you will post a lengthy Facebook recap of the weekend games and events.

Your parenting style is “all in and then in some more,” and your enthusiasm makes your family feel loved. No matter what the score is on the field, you’re winning as the super fan, especially in the climate-controlled tent.


Parenting Style #11: Energetic and Sociable

What’s all this talk about lawn chairs? You’re a stander. You have been blessed with two healthy legs that need to be stretched. The ability to sit still is not your strong suit.

You have a lot of words and smiles to share and these team
parents are your people to socialize with to your heart’s content. You bounce from group to group, swapping stories and taking selfies.

You are decked out in the team gear and you are wearing a replica of your kid’s jersey. Game day is the best and a highlighted day of the week on your social calendar.

Most of the team’s parents are your close friends from high school. What better way to relive your glory days: with the same people you shared them with?

Your parenting style is energetic and sociable. You are the life of the party. The stander – You have no chair. You need no chair. Laugh. Love. Stand. These are the best days of your life. Your joy is infectious, and your kids are grateful for the confetti you throw on them. 

Your Turn

Y’all. Was my epiphany on point? Do sports parents subconsciously pick out sports chairs that reflect their main parenting style? Am I right or amiright?

As a fellow sports parent, can you see what I’m saying? I want to hear your thoughts.

What’s your favorite sports chair to sit in and watch your kids play their game? How accurate was I on the analysis of the chair you are most comfortable in reflecting your biggest parenting style? 50%? 80% 99.9%????

Leave a comment here and let this community know. 

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