gratitude journal for teens

A Gratitude Journal Your Teen Will Love (Raise Grateful Kids)

(Inside: A gratitude journal just for tweens/teens. Journal includes fantastic writing prompts. Download the gratitude journal for teens today!)

Moms, do you ever go to work already in a funk?

Me too.

For example, the other day, my family morning routine was rocky at best.  (“No, you don’t have an actual fever. You’re GOING to school.” “Did you look in the basement for your shoes?” “Didn’t you finish your homework last night?”) I waved goodbye to my boys feeling cranky and on edge.

I tried to reset my mood as I drove to work. But, as I walked into the high school, a dark cloud still hovered over my head. I started my day teaching advisory (homeroom) and it happened to be “Gratitude Journal Day.” As a class, we spent 15 minutes focusing on what we’re thankful for. 

When the bell ended the period, I noticed – my mood had shifted. 

Gratitude. God breathes a holy quality into gratitude. 

Gratitude Journal for Teens

But adults aren’t the only ones who need to use gratitude to shift our moods. Our teens need it too. Have you ever seen your teen…

  • Be overly emotional?
  • Act irrationally?
  • Feel over-the-top anxious?

Teaching our kids to practice gratitude can help. When we do this, we give our teens a tool to help them:

  • Take a mental “time-out”
  • Relax their racing brains
  • Adjust their focus
  • Feel ready to move forward

That’s why I’ve written a gratitude journal just for teens and tweens and you can get instant access today…

Access the Gratitude Journal for Teens Right Now

I created a gratitude journal that you can instantly download from Etsy. You’ll see:

  • The science behind why a gratitude journal works to help your big kids get on board with the idea.
  • 30 days of focused gratitude:
    • Each page starts with an inspirational scripture verse or quote.
    • Weaved throughout the journal are short stories and things to think about in this gratitude journey.
    • Space to write.

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Over the years, as my kids have grown and their seasons have changed, I find myself going back to this one prayer, “Dear Jesus, please let my kids desire to have a relationship with you and follow you.” If as they journey through life, they consistently go back to their Creator for comfort and guidance, it’s all going to be okay.

So, as a mom, I strive to (in my imperfect way), teach my boys faith.

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