It’s Good to be a Mom in Control of My Life, Well, 50% of the Time (Parenting Humor)

(Inside: A mom in control of my life, well, 50% of the time. Humor and parenting: moms want to be in control, but we just aren’t always.)

No boys, we are NOT taking care of your aunt’s dog.

It’s too much work.

I know you said you’d do everything, but YOU KNOW I’ll end up cleaning up poop. I know Bella’s cute, but I like our dog-free home. I know you think it’s nice to help your aunt, but we can help her in other ways. I hear you that it’d be fun, but honestly, I don’t even really like dogs.

No. It’s not happening.

Quit asking. I’m a firm “no” on this. 

And here we are taking care of Bella…

mom in control of my life

The boys slept around the dog like she was a campfire. When I picked them up from school the next day, my kindergartner said, “I just wanted Bella all day long.” I could not drive fast enough to get home to her, according to my boys. Bella’s in danger of being over-loved. 

And then, when circumstances changed in my sister-in-law’s life, and she needed to move and wouldn’t be able to take Bella, guess which family adopted her?


I never, ever, ever, ever wanted a dog.

I was set on this.

And guess who loves our new dog the most? 


It’s good to be in control of my life…well, fifty percent of the time.

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Mommas, sometimes we just gotta laugh. Omallthethings – it just will never go all in the perfect direction, so we lay down some of that coveted control and laugh. I don’t know about you, but after a good laugh, my head feels clearer.

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mom in control of my life