mom's powerful prayer

A Mom’s Powerful Prayer for Her Big Kids

(Inside: A mom’s powerful prayer for her big kids. Prayer nourishes and uplifts. Read more about a mom’s prayer for her family…)

Dear God, please walk through school with my kids.

Give them a deep knowing that their worth doesn’t depend on their accomplishments, social status, or labels. No way. You formed the land, shaped the seas, and in your love and might, intentionally wove them together. You call them your children, valued and loved for just being them.

Dear God, please walk through school with my kids.

Nudge them to whisper prayers to you. Remind them you want to hear their thoughts. Then, here and there, in expected moments, let waves of peace wash over them. May your encouragement be the soundtrack to their school years, continually drawing them back to you.

A mom’s prayers can be powerful. Connect with your family by learning why to pray and then praying as a family. 

Dear God, please walk through school with my kids.

Grow confidence in their abilities into thick roots that cling deep into the ground. Help them to know that they can and will figure out the coursework, social scene, and organization. They are highly capable times a million. Give them the courage to keep trying and, when needed, reach for help.

Dear God, please walk through school with my kids.

Through these years, remind them to keep it all in perspective. These older seasons of school are to help them learn about themselves and give them glimpses of next steps into their future. Encourage them to approach their days with more curiosity than stress as they unearth interests and strengths. Grow and mature them in the best of ways.

Dear God, please walk through school with my kids.

Keep them safe. Protect their hearts. Help them to cling stubbornly to hope, choose kindness, and look for joy. When it all gets hard, because thistles will interrupt their days, please remind them that their family anxiously waits for them to come home. With open arms. Fully accepting.

Dear God, you know this momma’s heart. How much I love my kids. How I long to put a protective bubble around my independent bigs, shielding them, guiding them, and speaking life into them. But for them to grow, I need to let them go.

So, I’m placing them in your hands.

Asking you to please walk through school with my kids.

And trusting you will.


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