A Praying Mother is a Strong Mother

(Inside: A praying mother, what happens when a mother prays, the power of a praying mother, the impact of a praying mother – it all makes a difference beyond what we could ever fully understand.)

My sister told me a secret to her joy and contentment.

Each morning, she lays in bed and prays to see her day – and specifically the people in her day – through God’s eyes.

Well, that’s an idea…

When I take her advice and ask God to help me see people and situations through His love, grace, kindness…through Him, it transforms my ordinary day.

Momma, a praying mother is a strong mother.
Bring your family together through prayer. Read more in the description here.

When my kids pour milk into their cereal and more milk ends up on the counter than in their bowl, I can see a conspiracy by my boys to make me clean up one more thing.

When I look at the situation through God’s eyes, I am glad my boys tried to do something by themselves.

(And really, doesn’t it take me about 1/2 a second to wipe up the spill or remind them to?)

When I can’t find my cell phone or car keys, I get frustrated that I am – once again – wasting my time looking for something. When I look at it through God’s eyes, I am grateful I have car keys and a cell phone to look for.

When I get cut off in the line to drop my kids off at school, I see the person as rude. When I look at her through God’s eyes, I see a busy mother who maybe had a tough morning and is just trying to get everyone where they need to be on time.

When I feel sad to drop my four-year-old off at daycare, I can look at it with gratitude for his amazing daycare that he loves and a part-time job that I adore.

Like all high school teachers, my students can present a million challenges in a day to me.

When I see my job through God’s eyes, I see how important a teacher is.

I am reminded how grateful I am to my sons’ teachers who impact my boys in different ways than I am able to as their mother. I can play that role in my own students’ lives. It is important for me to be consistent as their teacher, but above all be kind, affirming, and encouraging to their delicate-not-so-tough-as-they-act souls.

When my eye doctor is moody and rude throughout the whole appointment, I leave thinking about how unprofessional she was. When I look at her through God’s eyes, I am reminded that I don’t know her full story. (I later found out she was fighting terminal cancer.)

When I stand in my kitchen and ask myself – once again – why my family always wants a meal; I can feel tired of the monotony and wish I enjoyed cooking. When I see through God’s eyes, I am grateful that I live in a country with an abundance of food that we can afford. (And a husband who cooks on the weekends.)

When I look at people through God’s eyes, I treat people kinder.

Instead of reacting to people with the emotions that I feel at that moment, I can pause and readjust my focus.

But the funny thing is that the blessings that I intend to fall on others, land heavier on me.

I’m kinder to myself.

I tend to think everything is my fault. Even when it doesn’t make sense.

For example, we were at my oldest son’s football game and his trophy was stepped on and broken. My instant thought was I should have gone over and asked if he needed me to hold anything. What??? I didn’t know his coach had given him his trophy at the beginning of the game and that my son would set it by his water bottle. I expect myself to always know when my son might have something I need to hold for him? Crazy thoughts.

Learning self-kindness is a beautiful thing.

Looking at my day through God’s eyes settles my heart.

I am happier when I don’t let the little frustrations of daily life bother me so much. I’m a stronger mother and person. And at the end of the day, I can more freely say, “It is well with my soul.”

Lord, each morning help me to look at people through your eyes.

Not the faces that we often put on but as people dealing with individual challenges who need each other’s grace and understanding. Help me freely give the grace and compassion to others that you give to me.

Throughout life’s monotonies and daily frustrations, let my soul always deeply feel your sustaining hand in my life and the peace that hope in you provides.

When I have a hard time seeing through your eyes, help me to know that faith is a journey and help me feel that beautiful fresh start that every morning brings.

May it truly be well with my soul.

Bring your family together through prayer. Read more in the description here.

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Prayer. I’ve had a tricky relationship with prayer over the years. I’ve bounced between ‘what’s the point?’ and ‘Lord, God, THANK YOU so much for the powerful gift of prayer.’

Here’s what life experience and the study of God’s word have taught me about prayer:

God hears our prayers.
God sometimes answers prayers.
God shapes us and changes our perspective in uplifting ways through prayer.
God nourishes us through prayer.
God speaks to our hearts with quiet “knowings” deep inside of us through prayer. 
God builds his relationship with us through prayer.
Prayer is powerful in ways that we fully don’t understand.
Science proves that prayer is a healthy, life-giving practice with both physical and mental benefits. 

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a praying mother
Bring your family together through prayer. Read more in the description here.

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