Your brain bounces between your day at work, what time you need to get each kid to practice, your teen’s missing school assignments, that you haven’t called your mom lately, the load of the laundry to be switched, “What’s for dinner?” and “Why are 3 of my brain-tabs frozen? 

You are raising tweens, teens and college-age kids: the unique parenting phase where everything gets easier…and harder. 

We’re finally believing all those “they grow so fast” comments. This is your last hurray with kids in your home and you want to love it.  

You’re taking a second look at your career, your hobbies, how to share your gifts and talents. 

Parenting grows your faith and then makes you wonder where your faith is. 

You long for friendships and deep relationships, but you’re just so busy. 

You’d love a quick place to connect and feel encouraged.  

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I’m Cheryl and I’m walking through this parenting tweens, teens, and big kids stage with you.

I have three boys ages 17, 15, and 12. (Picture is old, see updated pictures here.) Then, as if raising my own tweens/teens isn’t enough, I go every day to work to spend time with – ready for this? – more teens.

I teach high school and love it!  I’ve taught since I was 22 years old. Here’s my quick working-with-teens resume…

  • Master’s degree in Educational Leadership
  • Math teacher: Alg II, Alg I, Alg 1 Concepts, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Algebra II Concepts, Remediation, Basic Math, ACT Prep, Geometry, and Calculus 
  • Academic & Career Mentor for our E3 STEM program (Mentoring/counseling students)
  • Working with businesses/colleges to create career exploration and opportunities for our students
  • NCDA Career Counseling Certificate

Then, I started having babies and oh-wow-spinning-world how that changes your perspective. I wanted to stay home, so after my second son was born, I took a leave of absence from my job. For six years. But even during my SAHM season, I still craved teaching. I ran a tutoring center from my home working with teens and parents and education from a different angle.

Education is my thing.

Lessons pop out at me and I can’t even help but shape them to share. It’s like a reflex. It’s weird…but useful. And that’s why I love working on this website. 

Through stories, inspiration, and resources, I have two goals with this online magazine for both myself and my fellow moms raising tweens and teens. I want us all to…

Be an Empowered Mom

Our kids grow so fast, but the older we get, we realize, we have grown too – in really cool ways. So much happens on our journey and Empowered Moms and Kids is here for it. We have encouragement through all the ups and downs of mom life for you. Topics include…

Heartfelt Stories

Kids Grow Too Fast
Raising Big Kids Looks Like
Importance of Moms
Building Strength
Ordinary Life
Sports Parents
Overcoming Perfectionism
Pandemic Parenting


Sacred Moments
Seeing God in Mom Life
Christian Meditations
Negative Self-Talk
When You Struggle

Mom Life

Working Moms
Everyday Mom Life
Planners and Organization

Self Care

Mindset for Challenges
Inspirational Books


Gifts for Moms
Gifts for Teens


Preserving Memories



DIY Home Remodel


Valentine’s Day
Mother’s Day

Raise Empowered Kids

As I high school teacher of 20+ years, I have a heart for raising big kids. They are in such an awesome stage of life. I know, they can act like teens, but it’s just that: they can act like teens. We don’t take it personally and know they need us now more than ever. Empowered Moms and Kids is here to support moms (and dads) in their parenting journey. Topics include…

Parenting Tips

When Parenting is Difficult
Parenting Regrets
Struggling Kids
Encouraging Big Kids
Kids’ Listening
Growing Kids’ Wisdom
Perspective in Parenting
Summer Planning | Creative Kids

Raise Kids of Character

Family Cleaning
Raising Leaders
Once-a-Month Family Giving Challenge

Family Connection

Loving Your Family


Getting Organized
Cocurricular Activities
Start of School
Middle School Parents
Freshman Parents
Senior Parents
Getting Through May


Books for High Schoolers
Books for Middle Schoolers

Teaching Kids Faith

Family Devotions


Gifts for Teens
Gifts for Teen Boys
Gifts for Teen Girls

Raising Sons

Boy Moms
Podcasts for Teen Boys

I’d love to stay connected with you.

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Thanks for being here,

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PS – One more important thing…

I write in the spirit of encouragement. I never mean to offend or upset you. If something I wrote did – know that it wasn’t intentional.

Me and my crazy crew from a few years back.

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