Faith-filled encouragement for moms of tweens and teens.

Are you a mom of a tween and/or teen? Then you’re in a unique phase of life…

  • We’re sad our kids are growing so fast, yet we’re also proud of who they’re becoming.
  • Our kids REMEMBER what we say. (Eeek!)
  • More independent kids give moms time to revisit our personal goals.
  • Time is moving at warp speed and we hope we’re doing enough right.


About the author


I’m Cheryl and I’m walking through this parenting tweens/teens stage with you. I have three boys ages 13, 12 and 8. Then, as if raising my own tweens/teens isn’t enough, I go every day to work to spend time with…ready for this?… more teens.

I teach high school and love it!  I’ve taught since I was 22 years old. Here’s my quick working-with-teens resume…

  • Master’s degree in Educational Leadership
  • Math teacher: Alg II, Alg I, ACT Prep & Geometry
  • Academic & Career Counselor for our E3 STEM program (Mentoring/counseling students)
  • Working with businesses/colleges to create career exploration and opportunities for our students
  • NCDA Career Counseling Certificate

Then, I started having babies and oh-wow-spinning-world how that changes your perspective. I wanted to stay home, so after my second son was born, I took a leave of absence from my job. For 6-years. But even in my SAHM season, I still craved teaching. I ran a tutoring center from my home working with teens and parents and education from a different angle.

Education is my thing.

Lessons pop out at me and I can’t even help but shape them to share. It’s like a reflex. It’s weird…but useful. And that’s why I love working on this website. 


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I have two goals with this online magazine…

1. Empower Moms

When your kids are tweens/teens, you have a little more time to pay attention to you. We’ve figured out that the Perfect Pinterest Mom is a farse, if you don’t take care of yourself we WILL CRASH HARD (because we’ve been there), and that dreams aren’t just for 18-year-olds. So, we now get to focus more on ourselves. Empowered Moms and Kids articles are here to…

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2. Raise Empowered Kids

All moms want to raise strong, happy kids. But lives are busy and cray-cray and we wonder if we are mothering with any purpose at all. My friend you are. The fact that your questioning yourself means that you totally are killing this motherhood gig. But I hope to give you tools to ease the parenting struggles and teach powerful lessons in simple ways around the dinner table, in the car rides to practice, or during family time. Here are some ideas to help you…


how to get my teenager to talk


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Me and my crazy crew from a few years back.


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