Moms, This ONE THOUGHT Will Help You Better Enjoy Busy May

(Inside: TIred moms, May is a bear – but to get through, you need to remember this.)

This past Friday morning my 3rd-grade son factually stated he was sick and couldn’t go to school.

He took his own temperature, sighed in exasperation then crawled back into bed declaring he was done. “My fever is 89.1 degrees, mom!”

Then my preschool-age son – who slept in his swimsuit because summer is so near – had a strong aversion to putting real clothes on. He could care less that he needed to get dressed and go to daycare.

Next, my fourth-grade son insisted I read to him. (Which I did, we had a few minutes before I needed to drop him off a school. And he knows how to pull my heartstrings.) It was a book about volcanoes and magma and tectonic plates where the number of words grew and the pages expanded with each turn and since he CAN READ himself, I couldn’t summarize it. On and on the book went…

And that was only Stall Tactics numbers one, two, and three.

We were on Stall Tactic #1,000,000 by the time we actually got ourselves out the door, running late – of course. Friday morning was like herding cats.

Mark this end of the school year, by capturing your thoughts. I have my kids fill out this pdf, then upload them into my family Shutterfly photo albums. I never regret recording family memories.

But during my busy may, my optimism was still relentless.

Next next morning, I sat on my porch, fingers laced around a warm mug, watching my kids run around, thinking of the Friday morning before. It was memorial day weekend. Three beautiful days off. May had been crazy, but even so, I still had hope because one thought got me through.

One beautiful thought.

And because of this thought, here was my prediction about Tuesday morning…

My kids will not have completely forgotten school exists after the lovely, long weekend filled with friends and family. My sweet boys will pop out of bed, see the beckoning sunlight and declare “Mom…let’s hurry and get to school! We can’t wait to be inside!”


That’s how it’s going to play out. A smooth, seamless beginning to our day. I’m all full of summer-is-within-reach optimism. I’m going to operate from a place of hope when it comes to Tuesday. Because in reality, no matter how Tuesday morning plays out…

All roads.

Every single road from here out, in these last two weeks of school…

All roads lead to summer.

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