big kid season

Parents, Delight in the Beauty of this Big-Kid Season

(Inside: This big kid season causes moms such mom ache because we feel how fast it’s all going. But, mom, see the beauty in front of you…)

Delight in the beauty of this big-kid season.

You chased chubby legs climbing up the slides, held hands in parking lots, and idled in front of the gym waiting for athletes to pour out the double doors. You’ve been their protector, eyes behind, before, and in front of them, always aware. You’ve succeeded. Look at your big kids all safe and sound and gorgeous in front of you.

So, acknowledge your hard work, feel the deep pride, and delight in the beauty of this big-kid season.

You’ve nestled babies, wiped away bad dream tears, pressed band-aids over skinned knees, and listened to school/friend/sports drama again and again. You’ve been your kids’ constant, always around. And look at your result. Your big kids will forever draw strength from being nourished throughout their whole childhood by you.

So, acknowledge your hard work, feel the deep pride, and delight in the beauty of this big-kid season.

You’ve invested. Every single ounce. The daily grind – practices, meals, laundry, work, bills – you’ve rinsed and repeated forever. You’ve been the provider, the orchestrator, the one who’s sacrificed the most, crawling into bed on your very last fumes. And look what a positive impact you’ve made on your big kids. They’re fed, clothed, and busy. They’re learning, growing, and planning for their futures.

Momma, if you’re struggling with how fast it’s all going. If your emotions are big and sad, try these affirmation cards.

So, acknowledge your hard work, feel the deep pride, and delight in the beauty of this big-kid season.

You’ve carried your people’s hearts, burdens, dreams, and so much more. You’ve offered a thousand prayers swirling with fervor up through the galaxies. You’ve paid every penny of the emotional load. And look at your big kids who know how loved and cared for they are. What a gift that knowing is and will always be to them.

Parents, I know this season is hard because we blink, and our kids are almost grown.





It hurts. The universal mom-dad-ache throbs.

But in it all, know that you didn’t hold anything back. You put your entire soul out there, and you deserve to step back and see what you did

To delight in the results of your work.

To see how much joy there is at the end of the road, bubbling out, flooding the streets.

So, celebrate YOU.

Celebrate THEM.

Acknowledge your hard work and let yourself delight – really delight – in the big kids standing in front of you.

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big kid season

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big kid season