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I Was Meant to Be a Boy Mom

(Inside: I was meant to be a boy mom. There’s so much I’ve learned in this roll of raising sons that’s given me joy and made me a better person.)

I was meant to be a boy mom.

I was meant to experience how much baby boys love their moms. Little arms constantly reaching up for me, wanting to snuggle, read, or just be near.

I was meant to wear athletic clothes. Not because sweats are comfortable, but because they help me move quicker. Little guy racing down the slide too fast – got ‘em. Need to rush out the door because we’re late to practice – I’m in. To break up the dogpile of brothers – yup, there.

I was meant to expand my interests.

The entire Avengers series: seen three times. Hey Dude shoes and Under Armour hoodies. Dinosaur, Ninja, Superhero Halloween costumes. Bright red ties against dark suits for Christmas. Guitar music drifting from the rooms. And the list could go on…

I was meant to learn how big boy-emotions can be. To coax words out of them, teach them to express themselves, to encourage their sensitive side too. To really experience how much boys need to be nourished.

I was meant to keep our home fires burning.

Washing the cleats. Picking up Legos. Organizing Transformers, Power Rangers, and train sets. Practices and marching band schedules. Then, food and food and so much food.

I was meant to be their teacher. To fuss over them shoveling snow in shorts and wearing hoodies as jackets. To help them get organized in school and home. To teach them to clean. To continually practice communication.

I was meant to be their cheerleader.

Games, parades, dances, friendships, and school. To show up on repeat. Through it all, I was meant to believe in them, remind my sons how amazing they are, and that the world needs them.

I was meant to be their safe place. Help create a home that wraps its arms around them. Where they are always accepted, heard, and loved.

But most of all, I was meant to experience the intense bond between a mom and her sons. And as I watch them grow and let them go, I know that our deep relationship will sustain and comfort us both, always.

People have always asked me if I wanted a girl. The answer is kind of yes. But, also, a strong nope, no, nope again.

Because, snails and pails and puppy dog tails, I love my brew of boys with my whole entire heart and then some more. And I know

with every cell in my body

that I was meant to be THEIR MOM.

PS – Boy characteristics come in all shapes and sizes and should be celebrated. This is simply my experience with my three sons. If your son is different than what I described, I celebrate him too!

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