A Challenge to Look for Your Joy Today

(Inside: Today hold’s just-for-you joy. Will you look for it?)   Six days ago, it was when my friend taught me how to crochet a star ornament. Previously, I had crocheted a hat for my then baby that instead fit my head. Then, I tried to crochet myself slippers, except the opening nicely allowed only Read More

How To Recapture Our Sweet Mom Moments Gone Forever

(Inside: For moms who feel sad over how fast their kids grow.)   A sad thought enveloped me as I kissed my third-grader’s cheek: I can’t remember the last time my oldest son let kiss me his lips. At some point, he offered his cheek instead and that’s how it has been ever since.     Read More

Increase Your Happiness IN THE CHAOS {Printable}

(Inside: How to increase your happiness.) My four-year-old son didn’t cry when the nurse consecutively plunged 3 needles into his arm. No one tear.   That’s never happened in our home before.   Minutes before the shots, tears streamed down my four-year-old’s face. His little body trembled in anticipation until my oldest son said to him, “Shots don’t Read More

The Power of Stillness in the Chaos

(Inside: Be still and see all the goodness around you.)   Do you ever just want everything to stop?   The dishes, the changing diapers, the constant picking up – just stop, because I want to soak in this life, for 1/2 a second before the crying starts again. How does a busy mother actually Read More

My Kids Grow Too Fast (Sniff) – What to Remember

(Inside: What to remember when you’re sad your kids grow so fast.) Today was the last day of school and I was surprised at how sad I felt.    I’ve been looking forward to school being done and being home with my boys for months.  But instead of feeling the mounting anticipation of excitement, a lump formed in Read More

How to Forever Cherish Our Best Mom Moments

(Inside: Ideas to forever capture and forever our best mom moments.)     I had an amazing mom-moment on Mother’s Day.  The busyness of life paused and the joyful moment unfolded in slow motion.   I’d gone away for a relaxing, refueling girls weekend at one of my friend’s cabins.  It’s taken me years to realize the Read More

See The Everyday Moments That Help You Refuel

(Inside: A simple way to refuel through everyday moments.) “Boys, do you want to watch God paint the sky?”     I needed to get out of the house.   The last ten days or so has been wretched. My husband’s work consumed him leaving me home along with our three boys and the stomach flu Read More

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