gifts for moms

Gifts for Moms: Presents that Moms Raising Tweens and Teens Will Love

Gifts for moms that they will love. Here are fantastic gift ideas that say “I love you” to the mom raising tweens and teens. Read More

funny mom story

Funny Mom Story: Disastrous Day Turned Parenting Win

Funny mom story ahead. Moms, why do we stress about being perfect? The imperfections make life fun and often turn out to be the best parenting wins. Read More

family movies tweens teens

Best Family Movies for Tweens and Teens

Best family movies for tweens and teens. Get the ultimate list of movies for tweens and teens that your family will love. Read More

hope in corona virus

Everything’s been canceled – but love hasn’t…

Finding hope in the coronavirus crisis. Everything’s been canceled – but love hasn’t… Read on… Read More

joy in mom life

In 5 Minutes I Was Reminded of the Joy of Being a Mother

In just 5 minutes, I was reminded of the absolute joy of being a mother. Being a mother is the best feeling. Being a mother is a blessing. Read More

4 Things You Need to Be a Strong, Joy-Filled Mother

(Inside: How to be a strong, joy-filled mother. Moms, paying attention to these aspects of life that will you be a happy mom and a strong mom.) This blog post contains affiliate links. The teenage girl paused before my desk near my high school classroom. She exhaled while flexing her hands in stretching motions several times Read More

One Simple Way to Enjoy the Present More

(Inside: A tool to help you love being a mom. Motherhood is hard, and parenting is work, so all moms need this one simple way to enjoy the present more. FInd excessive joy in being a mother.)    Our family littered our mudroom with shoes as we filed into our home. One kid rushed to let out our golden doodle, my husband bounded upstairs to plug in Read More

The Power of Encouragement: Moms Need It More Than You Know

(Inside: Never underestimate the power of encouragement for moms – all moms need it. Encouragement for busy moms can be found in this sweet story.) “I was just told my youngest daughter needs to lose weight. By her doctor, of course.” Sara sighed her disappointment, not realizing her supermom cape had slipped off a shoulder and dangled Read More

tired parents

Tired Parents, You Are Beautifully Exhausted

Tired parents, tired working moms, tired stay-at-home moms – read why you’re not just exhausted, you’re beautifully exhausted. Read More

conquer your mountain

A Prayer to Conquer Your Mountain

Conquer your mountain, move past your challenge with this prayer to give you hope and courage. Momma, be confident in who is for you; you can conquer your mountain! Read More

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