The Single Best Thing Parents Can Do {Free Mini-eBook}

(Inside: Good parenting skills start here. Do you feel like you’re saturated with parenting advice? What should be your focus? This one thing will help you conquer the parenting season like the champion you are.)     Off, off, off!   I fumbled at my car radio.    I don’t need to hear anybody roar… Read More

Notice Your Unique Sacred Gesture This Holiday Season

My hand smoothed warm cheeks before I bent down and kissed my sons’ goodnight. The stairs creaked as I tiptoed down them to settle comfortably in my favorite zebra fabric chair at our dining room table. I felt my body relax into writing, the keys of my laptop feeling good against my fingers. The lights Read More

Did You See Your Sacred Moment?

(Inside: Mentally capturing the mom-moments we never want to forget.)   Do you know what my recent favorite moment was?   I stood outside in the driveway, my fingers laced around coffee with salted mocha creamer. The steady bounce of the basketballs leaving my sons hands and thumping against the backboard floated in the air.   Read More

Life Is Art, Paint Your Dreams (Printable)

(Inside: An inspirational free printable to empower you.)   My squeaky shopping cart stopped in its tracks. “Life is art, paint your dreams.” That’s it. That’s the life-giving art I’ve been dragging my three kids around the store trying to find.   Someone wrote that just for me.   I’m sure of it.    What the saying Read More

Every Day, In Small Moments – God is Calling You

God is calling you. Every. Single. Day. God is calling you through ordinary moments – do you hear him? Learn to see your unique sacred moment. Read More

A New Beginning Always Starts With An End

  (Inside: Let go of the past and move forward with excited anticipation.)     On mother’s day, I saw this post from a sweet friend and it moved me. With her permission, I’m sharing it with you:   “Amara was just a few months old in this pic, little chub. 20 years old – Read More

God is using you even when you don’t see it

God is using you even when you don’t see it; you are making an incredible impact in the ordinary. God is always working behind the scene – trust the journey. Read More

How to Turn Your Negative Self-Talk into Joy

(Inside: Make your negative self-talk work for you instead of against you. Using simple actions, learn how to get rid of your negative self-talk. Learn to turn your negative self-talk into joy. )   Often I have Normal-Brain with normal thoughts enjoying a normal day. But then there’s Thorn-in-my-Side-Brain. She shows up unannounced, uninvited and Read More

Need hope? Look for it – Hope Will Always Come Back to You

Need hope? Are you thinking I need hope right now. Or I have no hope for my future. Do you wonder how to get hope back in your life? Hope will find it’s way back to you. Read More

conquer your mountain

A Prayer to Conquer Your Mountain

Conquer your mountain, move past your challenge with this prayer to give you hope and courage. Momma, be confident in who is for you; you can conquer your mountain! Read More

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