Growing Your Faith: Imperfect Faith Is STILL Faith

Growing your faith is important. Do you ever wonder how to build your faith in God? Or how does faith grow stronger? This one realization helps, read on… Read More

How to Silence Negative Automatic Thoughts

Do negative automatic thoughts plague you? Challenge your negative thoughts with truth and watch your brain pivot to positive thinking. Read More

How Holiday Busts Also Tell the Christmas Message

(Inside: God even speaks through the holiday bumps.) Sometimes, the most annoying-not-as-we-planned-it moments in the holiday season best tell the true meaning of Christmas.   Here’s what got me thinking about this. I was editing these photos thinking: These are lovely. I love Christmas.   I almost forgot about the kiddos juggling ornaments, breaking ornaments, Read More

Why You Should Walk with Confidence Today

(Inside: Today. You got this.)   Whatever you have going on… Your day is normal, routine and mundane. Your day is relaxing and fun. Your day is extra busy. You’re trying to make a difficult decision. You’re taking a brave step or a chance on something new. Your mind is on someone or something you Read More

How God Spoke To Me In My Fear

 One of my biggest fears about going back to work after 6 years of being a stay-at-home-mom was feeling like I wouldn’t have enough time with my kids. Instead, I feel like I have become more intentional with my time. Like tonight, my son and I snuck out to enjoy some night skating – totally Read More

Momma, Go for Your Dreams! Let Faith Overcome Your Fear

Go for your dreams, momma. Do you need courage to pursue your dreams? Do you wish you would take that first step to follow your dreams? Read on… Read More

A Mother’s Prayer for Strength and Faith and Courage

A prayer for strength and faith and courage during this season of motherhood. What is a prayer for strength? It’s so simple and yet empowering. Read More

A Praying Mother is a Strong Mother

A praying mother, what happens when a mother prays, the power of a praying mother, the impact of a praying mother – it all makes a difference beyond what we could ever fully understand. Read More

1st day of school

A Mom’s 1st Day of School Wishes…

1st day of school wishes from a mom who’s either full of hope or in denial. You decide. Read More

Mommas, Increase Your Happiness IN THE CHAOS

Increase your happiness in the chaos of motherhood. Just because life is frustrating doesn’t mean you have to let it make you feel frustrated. Read More

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