How to Deal with Difficult People (And not lose your mind!)

(Inside: Dealing with difficult people can be hard. But this one mindset and one action can help turn a struggling relationship into a thriving relationship.)   It’s been 2 weeks since my friend has spoken to me, even though I’ve seen her a hundred times in the time span.   Awesome, right?   Of course, this Read More

I’m in a Funk: A Powerful Mindset to Overcome Your Challenge

“I’m in a funk.” Have you been there? Or are you currently trying to claw your way out of a funk? Here’s a powerful mindset that can help. Read More

Walk Away from Worry with the Magic 5:1 Ratio {Printable}

(Inside: How to reduce worry.) I looked down at my wounds. Two lines of raw skin replaced where the strap to my fancy shoes had just adorned my feet. Every time I wear those sandals, my feet spend the next week recovering. Yet I still talk myself into that stylish pair BECAUSE MY OUTFIT WILL Read More

When Life Knocks You Down & You’re Tired of Your Struggle

(Inside: When life knocks you down, you are in a perfect position to pray. When life knocks you down, seek God – then, get back up and fight harder. Here are 6 steps to try…)     A note before you start reading: I highly recommend professional help. If you can’t move past your struggle Read More

Moms, How to Prepare for a Fight

How to prepare for a fight mentally. Moms, we are strong and wise and can win this fight that we’re preparing for Read More

Parenting Persuades You to be a More Courageous Mom Every Day

18 hours later and I felt like a more courageous mom. It’s crazy how motherhood can trump fear and bring out this new kind of strength in all of us. Read More

Moms, Do You also Survive on Fairy Tale Hope?

(Inside: How moms survive because of Fairy Tale Hope.)   Fairy Tale Hope.    A phrase I just made up so let me define it for you. I told my boys to put the last of the dinner plates and cups in the dishwasher while I finished getting ready. We all needed to leave. I’m Read More

I’m So Hurt: What Healing Sometimes Looks Like

I’m so hurt. Have you been there too? Recently my friend and I were sharing about how healing plays out in our lives. Our conversation inspired me to write this… Read More

One Line To Get You Through The Stressed Mom Days

Are you a stressed out working mom? Or a stressed out stay-at-home mom? Are you looking for ways to relax in the chaos? Here’s one idea. Read More

8 Awesome Things About Aging

(Inside: Eight ways you can feel more empowered with each passing birthday.) My birthday is here. Again. My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I didn’t even have to think, “Not to turn 38.”  With each passing year, I dread more reluctantly welcome my birthday.  But, the ironic part is,  when Read More

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