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once a mom always a mom

Once a Mom, Always a Mom – What a Gift

(Inside: Once a mom, always a mom. Your kids grow, but you will still always be their mom. What a gift that is to us and to them.)

Once you are a mom, you’re always a mom.

I released the bowling ball, scrunched my face at the result, then turned around to see my mom holding her phone out recording me.
I laughed out loud.
I am in my forties.
And I was throwing more gutter balls than not.

As moms of tweens and teens, we can grieve that our kids are growing up way too fast. But the truth is this: motherhood doesn’t end once our kids blow out their 18th birthday candles. Once you’re a mom, you are always a mom.

It doesn’t matter how old your kids get….
You will always cherish spending time with them.
You will always wonder how they’re doing and want to know their thoughts.
You will always hope that your kids are finding friends and people to connect with.
You will always see the best in your children and know what they are capable of. You will always hope they are as confident in themselves as you are in them.
You always want your kids to discover their talents and be proud of how they are contributing to the world.
once a mom always a mom
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You will always want to comfort them when life gets hard – you want them to know that you are there, and you cherish when they choose to open up to you. And if they don’t want to confide in you, that’s okay – you hope they will reach out and find other help.

You will always pray for their safety, health, and well-being.
You will always look for hope in your children’s situations and be ready to cheer them on.
You will always think about your child and hold them in your heart.
You will always love them, more and more each passing season.
And you will always be ready with your phone to record a moment you’re enjoying with them – even if they are middle age and throwing gutter balls.
You can’t shake motherhood.
No matter how many years flip by.

Once you’re a mom, you’re always, always, ALWAYS a mom.

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Once a mom, always a mom – and your importance to your family is immeasurable. Read the full series on the importance of motherhood.

Do you really understand how important, how vital, how life-giving your role as a mom is?

Maybe you feel like you just poured the bowl of cereal this morning, but that’s not all you did. You nourished your kid. And through simple daily interactions, you teach responsibility, leadership, love, grace, faith, courage, and kindness. Your child will go out into life and share his or her gifts. Then pass everything you taught down to their kids. And next, their grandkids – your impact keeps rolling.

I’m getting chill bumps. Your ordinary work is extraordinary. 

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You are parenting tweens and teens.

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importance of motherhood

Importance of Motherhood: The One Thing Moms Do That Forever Sticks

(Inside: The importance of motherhood, the importance of a mother in a family, the importance of mother-child relationship, the importance of a mother’s love – here’s the one thing moms do that forever sticks.)

The news of a pandemic flickered across my television screen. States opening back up. Doctors advising. Commentators weighing in. 

With hands laced around my coffee mug, I half-listened while enjoying one kid nonchalantly leaning his head against my shoulder. Next to the couch, another kid snapped together a complicated Lego set. Still asleep, my oldest hadn’t emerged. I had about 10 more minutes to be in this moment until I needed to get after working from home. 

My mind wandered over the past few heart-wrenching, unsettling months. Images. Moments. Reflection. However, one thought cut through the noise: I’m glad this happened when my kids were still in my home. 

The initial drumbeat conversations about COVID-19 approaching,

and my three kids feeling apprehensive about going still to school – I’m glad it was me who got to walk through that uneasiness with them. 

The calling off school, the uncertainty of what’s next – I‘m glad I got to be in those moments with my kids. 

The trip to the grocery store with my teen. We weren’t prepared for the empty shelves and frantic people. Are we missing something? Should be hoarding toilet paper and water too? The surreal experience – I’m glad that it was me pushing the grocery cart next to my son. 

The state basketball tournament canceled, spring basketball called off, and March Madness viewing not happening – one son trains year-round for those moments and the disappointment hit hard. He Eeyore-ed his way around the house for a full 48 hours – I’m glad I got to be there for him.  

The uncharted waters of online school,

figuring out the technology, organization, what time works best, where in the house they prefer to learn…watching my kids unravel how to set themselves up for success – I’m glad I was there to help them sort it all out. 

The greater understanding of our civic duty. As the safer-at-home days ticked past, we said no to friends, were sad when activities stayed closed, and stayed home when we wanted to go out. In it all, the understanding that their actions matter to the greater good of society grew – I’m glad I got to be with them as they learned those life lessons. 

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New words in our evening prayers –

praying for our community, loved ones, healthcare employees, and essential workers. Praying for protection and healing and a vaccine/cure for COVID-19. A renewed reliance on the One who knows in the unknown – I’m glad I got to say those prayers with my kids.  

The struggles, the conflict over missing schoolwork, the parenting while working from home, the two-much-together-time bickering, the continual low-grade anxiety that accompanies a pandemic – I’m glad it was me there to help navigate this new normal.  

Our family rediscovering what to do with all this time, a renewed love of fishing, family walks, the epic monopoly game, quarantine birthdays, and so many family movies – I’m glad I got to collect those sacred minutes with my kids. 

family at dinner table
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Now, with the states opening back up,

we’re trying to figure out what’s best for our family. We’re analyzing how to be informed and stay safe, but not live in fear; how to contribute to our local economy and help our community heal; how best to see loved ones and tiptoe back into our beloved activities – I’m glad it’s me leading those conversations with my kids.

As moms, we can so easily pick apart our roles and the importance of motherhood

feeling like we should do more of this, or we must lead our family more in that way… Yet, most of the importance of motherhood lies in one simple action: walking through life with our kids.  

Just being there to help them navigate it all. 

And as my kids’ mom – I’m glad it gets to me. 


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importance of motherhood
importance of motherhood