Guest Post on Made to Mother: To the Mother of All Boys

I am guest blogging over at Made to Mother.  It is a wonderful, uplifting blog and I am so excited to share a piece of my story over there.  This is my first guest post on another blog and I have been walking on clouds all day because of it.   To the Mother of All Read More

How to Grow Your Faith

(Inside: How to grow your faith.)   Have you ever looked at an obstacle in your life – struggling relationships, anxiety, indecisiveness, fear…etc… and concluded the reason your challenge has not moved is that you lack faith?   I get you.   Because we can think if we just have faith as small as a Read More

How to Forever Cherish Our Best Mom Moments

(Inside: Ideas to forever capture and forever our best mom moments.)     I had an amazing mom-moment on Mother’s Day.  The busyness of life paused and the joyful moment unfolded in slow motion.   I’d gone away for a relaxing, refueling girls weekend at one of my friend’s cabins.  It’s taken me years to realize the Read More

Why Moms Worry (And How To Let It Go)

(Inside: Better understand why moms worry and steps to let it go.) My son’s arms and legs were covered with a worrisome rash.   So I took him to the doctor and was assured I shouldn’t be concerned. The red splotches peppering his body was not dangerous or contagious, but it would take ten days Read More

8 Awesome Things About Aging

(Inside: Eight ways you can feel more empowered with each passing birthday.) My birthday is here. Again. My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I didn’t even have to think, “Not to turn 38.”  With each passing year, I dread more reluctantly welcome my birthday.  But, the ironic part is,  when Read More

The Power of Friendships: Why Gal Pals are Important

(Inside: How strong friendships empower you.) It all started on the noisy yellow bus filled with excited kindergartners and longing-for-coffee grown-ups all heading to the aquarium.   “I wrote a novel,” my fellow mom chaperone said as we passed the time with introductions and small talk.   A novel. Who is this woman? Wonder woman? The Read More

This is How I Hear God Speak Through Motherhood

Hear God speak – does that seem elusive to you? Do you wonder how to hear God speak in the ordinary? He’s there, he’s reaching out… Read More

To the Mom Going Back to Work After Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

(Inside: Are you a mom going back to work? Do you have anxiety about going back to work after being a stay-at home mom? It’s going to work out! Read on…) I am going back to work for the first time in six years. I can’t even believe the full house I was dealt – Read More

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