I’m So Hurt: What Healing Sometimes Looks Like

I’m so hurt. Have you been there too? Recently my friend and I were sharing about how healing plays out in our lives. Our conversation inspired me to write this… Read More

Momma Knows Best: A Quick Story to Help You Know This

Even though momma knows best, do you know how we have those moments when we don’t want to go with our gut because we’re worried we’ll drive our families nuts? Yeah – go with your gut, here’s why… Read More

Photography & How It Strengthens My Perspective (Winter Photos)

  (Inside: How hobbies help us gain perspective.)     Sometimes, I can let one critical comment or tough moment overshadow the one million good things about my day. I hate when I do that. Oh, to have the willpower to not let words get me down. But, I don’t always have that kind of Read More

Momma, How You Inspire Other Moms Every Day in Amazing Ways

Momma, you inspire me, you inspire us – all of us fellow moms who see you at the grocery store, the school, and work. Read about the amazing impact you make every single day. Read More

Our DIY Porch Remodel

About 4 1/2 years ago, we redid our porch. I wish I had before-pictures it was a sight: moldy roof, crooked base, paint peeling…gross     Here is what we did to make this place one of our favorite spaces to hang out:   1.  Raised the sagging side of the porch with a car jack and added supports to Read More

8 Reasons Why “Me Time” for Moms is Good FOR YOUR KIDS

Me time for moms is so important. But, how do moms get me time? And why do moms need me time? Read on… Read More

Photography – Feeling BIG FAMILY LOVE on Valentine’s Day

Someday other women will hold these boys hearts, but today… I get to be their valentine.   (Warning…over-the-top sappy words following. Sometimes I just get like that. Thank you for liking me anyway.) Sweet sons, you remind me how very blessed I am. You each are a miracle and a gift. When I look at Read More

One Line To Get You Through The Stressed Mom Days

Are you a stressed out working mom? Or a stressed out stay-at-home mom? Are you looking for ways to relax in the chaos? Here’s one idea. Read More

How To Recapture Our Sweet Mom Moments Gone Forever

(Inside: For moms who feel sad over how fast their kids grow.)   A sad thought enveloped me as I kissed my third-grader’s cheek: I can’t remember the last time my oldest son let kiss me his lips. At some point, he offered his cheek instead and that’s how it has been ever since.     Read More

How God Spoke To Me In My Fear

 One of my biggest fears about going back to work after 6 years of being a stay-at-home-mom was feeling like I wouldn’t have enough time with my kids. Instead, I feel like I have become more intentional with my time. Like tonight, my son and I snuck out to enjoy some night skating – totally Read More

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