Photography – My Nieces

I absolutely love taking pictures of my boys, but – oh my – it is so…much…fun to take pictures of my little nieces. I wanted to take the photos outside, despite the cold, to get better light so I asked my youngest niece to pretend like she was Queen Elsa – you know…because the cold didn’t bother her anyway. It Read More

A Cute Room and a Cool Free Printable Scripture Art Link.

(Inside: Make your space be a place you want to be.)   I’m down here visiting my sister and I have to share a photo of the room she homeschools in. My sister and her husband did everything themselves: flooring, walls, paint, trim and finding that awesome map in a dumpster and giving it new life.   Oh Read More

How to Find the Joy in Your Christmas Season

(Inside: How to find the joy in your Christmas season.)   It doesn’t matter how many broken ornaments we pull out of the box reminding us of our inferior packing abilities. And it doesn’t matter if the Christmas lights work or not. It makes no difference how many times my boys get distracted and wrestle or Read More

Our DIY Bathroom Remodel

(Inside: Our DIY bathroom remodel.)   My husband and I bought an older home that needed updating.  Fixing up an old house has been a bucket list thing for us.  My favorite thing about this whole DIY remodeling our home thing is how fun it is to see what my husband comes up with.  Carpentry is my husband’s Read More

Photography – Author Friend

Friends.   Beautiful souls who get me.   My writing club. Amazing women who understand my need to have a creative outlet.   This group has enriched my life. We’re all different – personalities and writing genres. But our differences create a place where I always learn and receive quality feedback on my writing.  The Read More

Momma, Go for Your Dreams! Let Faith Overcome Your Fear

Go for your dreams, momma. Do you need courage to pursue your dreams? Do you wish you would take that first step to follow your dreams? Read on… Read More

Photography Fall (Empowerment through Hobbies)

(Inside: How hobbies empower us.)   Hobbies empower us.   They build our confidence and improve our self-esteem.  Hobbies also provide us with a creative outlet and way to reduce our stress. But, as moms, we can feel like we shouldn’t pursue our hobbies. Yes, we don’t have the same time as our retired neighbor, but keeping our Read More

Cute Photo Ideas Using Superhero Halloween Costumes.

(Cute photo ideas for boys and superhero costumes.)   My three boys – in all their superhero glory –  are one of the featured costumes over at Simple Moments Stick. The pictures are from just two years ago, but oh how they look so young!  Slow down, time.   I found a great picture floating around the Read More

A Mother’s Prayer for Strength and Faith and Courage

A prayer for strength and faith and courage during this season of motherhood. What is a prayer for strength? It’s so simple and yet empowering. Read More

A Praying Mother is a Strong Mother

A praying mother, what happens when a mother prays, the power of a praying mother, the impact of a praying mother – it all makes a difference beyond what we could ever fully understand. Read More

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