A Family Connection Activity to Help You Raise Happy Kids

We all want happy kids, but are you happy as well? Download this family activity and discussion on happy kids and happy families. Read More

Know Your Child: One Way to Learn How Your Kid Feels Loved

Know your child. Create a family connection by learning how your family members feel loved and how you can all love each other better. Read More

Healthy Helicopter Parenting: A Helicopter Dad Story to Lift You Up

Why my helicopter dad was the best dad ever. Why healthy helicopter parents are changing the world one parenting skill at a time. Read More

One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid

Of course, we all want to get to know our kids but life can be so plain hard. Here’s a reminder to take advantage of the moments life gives us to get to know your kid. Read More

My Huffington Post Article (18 Hours Later and I Felt Braver – For Moms)

Here’s my most recent Huffington Post article. It still seems surreal that I get to publish over there. Crazy mad dream come true. What is your dream? What keeps you up at night as you think: Maybe I COULD do this? What has God placed on your heart to try? I say go for it. Read More

An Inexpensive Meaningful Valentine’s gift that Family will Love (Plus, Happy Valentine’s Day From Me to You)

 Inside: (A Valentine’s Day gift that holds a lasting impact nd thanks for reading Empowered Moms and Kids – I love you!) Someday other women will hold these boys’ hearts, but TODAY… I get to be their Valentine. I hope you are feeling lots of love today. Happy Valentine’s Day!     I’m a “Words of Affirmation” Read More

parenting tweens

Parenting Tweens: Annoying Ways Tweens Show Their Parents Love

Parenting tweens can be challenging. But there is help to understanding your tween daughters and tween sons behaviors, and how they show you that they love you as their mom. Read More

Do You Need to Simplify Parenting? Collect Moments, Instead

Simplify parenting. If all there is to do in parenting is overwhelming you, put away your to-do list and instead reach for one goal. Read More

How to Find the Joy in Your Christmas Season

(Inside: How to find the joy in your Christmas season.)   It doesn’t matter how many broken ornaments we pull out of the box reminding us of our inferior packing abilities. And it doesn’t matter if the Christmas lights work or not. It makes no difference how many times my boys get distracted and wrestle or Read More

The Best FREE Kid’s Craft Ever

(Inside: A free, simple craft to keep your kids entertained for longer than 10 minutes.)   Let me start by saying I’m not crafty. This blog is not about crafts – but it’s about empowering families and a good idea always feels empowering, so here’s a simple craft that was a huge hit in our home. Read More

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