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Click here to grab the devotions for families with late elementary age kids ebook.

Have you ever asked your parents what they would do differently if they could go back in time and parent again?  

I asked my dad this and without hesitating, he said: I would get to know my kids more. As exactly they are. My dad is awesome – it surprised me that he felt like he could have gotten to know me and my two siblings better.

I’ve thought about his words often since becoming a parent. My heart’s desire is the same as his – I want to KNOW my kids.

But life gets so busy. After days when I’ve hustled my kids to school, focused them on their after-school homework, and driven them to their evening activities, I often find myself later wondering have I even really talked to my kids today?

I needed a tool to make sure I was connecting with the hearts of my children most days.

(Excluding the days we’re simply surviving – the “perfect” connection is not going to happen every day. Also to be noted, when parenting – our family focuses on one thing at a time. You will see lots of ideas on my blog, but rest assured – we keep it simple. We implement one idea at a time and take lots of breaks.)

So, I created a simple devotional that can be done in the car, around the dinner table or during tuck-ins. Not only does the family devotional help unlock my children’s hearts and voices, but it also lavishes other life-giving gifts.

The devotional…

  •     teaches your children that their voice is important.
  •     creates a home where they feel connected.
  •     builds family-relationship.
  •     teaches the truth of what it means to be a child of God – so valued and loved.
  •     opens our children’s eyes (and our eyes!) to see God at work all around them.
  •     helps our children (and us!) hear God’s voice.

Hear me explain more about how this devotional works and how it can empower your family as well.

We hope your family loves this devotional as much as our family does. Click here and you’ll get instant access to the freebie library. Check your email, the link and password are in there.

devotions kids families
Click here to grab the devotions for families with late elementary age kids ebook.

Be encouraged by the full “raise kids of faith” series.

Over the years, as my kids have grown and their seasons have changed, I find myself going back to this one prayer, “Dear Jesus, please let my kids desire to have a relationship with you and follow you.” If as they journey through life, they consistently go back to their Creator for comfort and guidance, it’s all going to be okay.

So, as a mom, I strive to (in my imperfect way) teach my boys faith.

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devotions kids families
Click here to grab the devotions for families with late elementary age kids ebook.

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