Know Your Child: One Way to Learn How Your Kid Feels Loved

Know your child. Create a family connection by learning how your family members feel loved and how you can all love each other better. Read More

Healthy Helicopter Parenting: A Helicopter Dad Story to Lift You Up

Why my helicopter dad was the best dad ever. Why healthy helicopter parents are changing the world one parenting skill at a time. Read More

Kids’ Morning Routine Checklist: Get Your Kids Out The Door Happy And On-Time

A kids morning routine checklist that will help your morning run smoothly. It’s an editable morning routine chart so you can make it your own. Read More

My Kids Don’t Listen: Actually, They are Taking In What We Teach

My kids don’t listen – actually, my friend…they are taking in what we teach. More than we often realize. Read More

One Thing Every Middle School Parent Should Know

(Inside: Prepare your child for middle school. This one thing will help parents and children thrive during the middle school years.)   When I was in middle school, my mom came and sat next to me for two class periods to, ahem, “encourage” me to behave. I didn’t deal well with the big emotions of those transition years Read More

One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid

Of course, we all want to get to know our kids but life can be so plain hard. Here’s a reminder to take advantage of the moments life gives us to get to know your kid. Read More

Why Alone Time For You Is Good For Your Kids

(Inside: Alone time for moms is not just good for mothers, it’s also great for their kids. These empowering reasons will help moms better enjoy their refueling time.) I spent the morning at middle school orientation with my oldest son and I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT. How is middle school upon us already? Yesterday, he Read More

Momma, your kid is listening, hang on – you’ll see proof!

Is your kid listening to what you are teaching him? We so often feel like they aren’t, but momma, they hear your messages. Look for the moments that are proof that they’re learning and growing and maturing. Read More

Why Mom Mistakes Can Be Good

Mom mistakes. Is it okay for parents to make mistakes? How do you fix parenting mistakes? You don’t – because there are silver linings in them. Read More

What All Moms Need to Hear in May

(Inside: TIred moms, May is a bear – but to get through, you need to remember this.)   This past Friday morning my 3rd-grade son factually stated he was sick and couldn’t go to school. He took his own temperature, sighed in exasperation then crawled back into bed declaring he was done. (“My fever is Read More

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