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Gift Ideas for Teen Girls: Top Gifts Your Teenage Girl Will Love

(Inside: Best gift ideas for teen girls. Gifts your teenage girl will love. Best gifts to get a teenage girl. Shop fun ideas for your teen.)

Are you looking to buy a gift for your teenage girl? A gift that reminds your teen that she is seen, valued, and oh-so-very-loved?

I’m right there with you.

I adore my six nieces and do everything I can to cheer them on during these crazy tween/teen years. I just spent a week with two of my nieces in which we scoured the downtown shops for great gift ideas for upcoming holidays and birthdays. It was extra fun, and I got a million ideas and made some great purchases. 

Maybe it’s only because I have sons and am used to buying gifts for teen boys, that when I get to buy gifts for my nieces it’s just special in a different way. So with their input, I thought I’d share some gift ideas for teenage girls with you.


gift ideas for teen girls

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Crafts and Being Artsy – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Being a teen is exhausting these days!

One thing that adds to the exhaustion is looking at screens all day. Between Chromebooks for school and cell phones for play, a teenager’s brain is tiredd.

Enter crafts.

This creative outlet is a natural stress reliever! Not to mention working on a different part of their mind that needs attention!

Several of my nieces say that drawing, crafting, or participating in something artistic is one of their favorite ways to unwind. A way to get away from all the daily pressures and focus on creating something beautiful!

Here are arts and crafts ideas to get your teen girl engaged.

gift ideas for teen girls

Sports and Outdoor Fun – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

I’ll admit. Some days when I’m running my teenagers from one sports activity to another, this thought goes through my mind…

Is this worth it?

Because while I think my big kids are talented, we probably won’t be headed to the NBA anytime soon. But then I REMEMBER all the LIFE LESSONS gained from sports teams.

Hard work pays off.

Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win and both teach you something.

To improve you MUST be coachable.

Learning to work with teammates will give you people skills you can use forever.

Moving your body is IMPORTANT for your physical and mental health.

So as you think about the teen girl in your life, remember that supporting her athletic activities is so much more than you may think. Check out these gift ideas to encourage her.

Do you want a fun way to connect with your family? Try these conversation starters.

Cooking and Fun Food Ideas – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Growing up I have fond memories in the kitchen. My mother getting supper ready for us or teaching me to make homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Visiting my grandma in Colorado meant fresh cinnamon rolls and from-scratch chocolate pie.

My grandparents in Iowa always baked special Christmas cookies the day after Thanksgiving, and my grandpa loved to make his pecan, chocolate turtle candy.

I can even look at a certain utensil, mixing bowl, or pretty dish and be filled with nostalgia.

Here are some ideas to create your own memories in the kitchen with the teen girl in your life.

Accessories and Glam – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

When thinking accessories and glam, I gathered my teen nieces and a few friends to give me the inside scoop on the must-haves. We hoovered over chips and salsa, and they brainstormed and filled me on what’s trending in their world.

The talk and laughter brightened my kitchen, and I think these ideas will brighten up the teen girl in your life too.

gift ideas for teen girls

Clothes and Fun Styles – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

I’ve been teaching high school for more than two decades, so I get a good taste of the current fashions and styles. My students and I talk fashion all the time, one even stayed after school to help me pick out online some updated jeans. I told her I was at a loss, she offered to stay – a win for me. My students definitely keep me in the know.

These are some of the fun styles and clothing that I’ve been seeing lately. Keep your teen girl up to point with any of these gifts.

Decorating – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Decorating your teen girls’ room can be a blast with these fun and whimsical touches. With the internet right at your fingertips, you can get lots of inspiration and seemingly endless possibilities.

What a blessing it is to create a beautiful space for the teen girl in your life to unwind and rest.

But seriously, where was this Macrame Swing when I was a teenager!? I don’t know if I would have left my room.

Journals – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Dear Diary…

Growing up…”Dear Diary” was about the only option I thought about when journaling. I love how flexible and creative journaling has grown beyond just documenting your daily activities and childhood crush.

These journals encourage you to dig a little deeper into gratitude and creativity. They can encourage teenagers to pray, color, practice gratitude, track their mood and even get silly with journals like Wreck This Journal.

An easy and cheap gift that can have a daily impact on a teen girl’s life.

Games – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

I love board games.

Some of my sweetest memories are of my grandparents, family and cousins squeezed around my grandma’s dining room table playing Trivia Pursuit. Yes, the game was fun, but it was the conversations, inside jokes, and teasing that filled the room with love and connection.

This connection can still be had with teens today.

Grandpa and Grandma having trouble conversing with their teen granddaughter? Maybe the ever-present cell phone is hovering in front of her nose?

Try grabbing some brownies, playing some tunes (share your favorite songs, ask the teens to share theirs), and gathering around the table. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how board games can bridge the generational gap in so many ways.

Not sure which ones to try? Here are some suggestions below.

Grow Your Faith – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Faith is extremely important in our family, and I am acutely aware that so many things are competing for your teen girl’s time and attention.

One way to counteract the distractions is to be intentional about giving gifts that can strengthen and encourage their walk with God.

We know that this world can be tough. It is essential for teens to fill their minds with God’s truth. Bible reading, studies, and memory verse cards can help do just that.

Here are some ideas to get started!

Books – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Oh my, books are my jam.

Trying to narrow down book recs for teen girls was an impossible task. (So much so that I decided to make a separate list for reading recommendations.)

Here are a quick few that I think the teenager in your life may enjoy.

Several are memoirs of Christians who have fascinating stories to tell. This piggybacks off of gifts that may help grow your teen’s faith!

I’m also a fan of historical fiction and just-for-fun fiction!

So whether you are buying a book for a teen girl or for yourself, these are a wonderful places to start.

Looking for more books? Check out the book list for high school teenagers  and middle school tweens

Electronics – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

If you have a teen in your life, they will most likely make a gift list that includes something that needs to get plugged in. It’s the reality of our world.

Thankfully, electronics can be used for really cool things! Besides entertainment, these gifts can be used for school, writing, art, photography, and connecting with family and friends.

Browse through these ideas to get some inspiration.

Self-care – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Being a teenage girl can be tough! So many activities are competing for their attention. It can be hard as a parent to teach the importance of REST, and sometimes it’s because we’re not practicing rest either.

We need to be intentional with our young people to both model self-care and encourage them in pursuit of healthy rest.

To be the best version of ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves.

Here are a few gifts that will help get them started!

Teenager t-shirts and hoodies and things – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Have a teen girl with a sense of humor? Or someone who likes quirky gifts?

These items can bring chuckles and smiles to their faces.

I know that I would love to cozy up in an “I’d Rather Be Home With My Dogs” hoodie and will definitely be sending a “Call Your Mom” Mug to my niece heading off to college!

Personalized Gifts – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Personalized gifts are some of my favorite gifts to give.

We’ve all been there…staring at a rotating jewelry case in a touristy gas station and desperately looking for OUR name on a key chain. And of course, it’s not there.

This is where the internet wins. Now we can get personalized presents for any occasion from the comfort of our own home.

I think the teen girl in your life is sure to love a few of these. 

Gift cards – Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

When all else fails…

Grab a gift card.

Whether you have a teen girl that is just hard to buy for, or you’re just short on time. Gift cards can come in clutch.

These are gift card ideas to get started with.

Your Turn

What gift ideas for teen girls do you have? What have you bought a teen girl that they love? Leave your thoughts in the comments, we’d love to add your gift ideas to this list, as well. 

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