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Your Teen’s Maddening Behavior is Age-Appropriate and Here’s Hope

When you’re raising teens, it can feel like they will never mature. But teens do grow up. This is how I know. Read More

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A Free Gratitude Journal Your Teen Will Love (Raise Grateful Kids)

A free gratitude journal written just for tweens/teens. Journal includes fantastic writing prompts. Download the gratitude journal for teens today! Read More

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The Science Behind Why a Gratitude Journal Works (Raise Grateful Kids)

The science behind why a gratitude journal works. Raise grateful kids with this free gratitude journal designed just for tweens and teens. Read More

Happy Mother’s Day to You, Beautiful Lady

(Inside: A Mother’s Day message for you.)     You are a mom.   You give every day. You put others needs before your own. You love deeply. You teach. You referee. You mentor. You are creative, resourceful and strong. You freely give grace. There is no one else in your family’s life like you. Read More

My Huffington Post Article (18 Hours Later and I Felt Braver – For Moms)

Here’s my most recent Huffington Post article. It still seems surreal that I get to publish over there. Crazy mad dream come true. What is your dream? What keeps you up at night as you think: Maybe I COULD do this? What has God placed on your heart to try? I say go for it. Read More

Quick Ways to Preserve Mom Moments

(Inside: Your kid said something that made you throw your head back and roar. How do make sure you remember that moment?)     A co-worker put her hands to her face, signed big and lamented she couldn’t believe her son was graduating. Slightly distressed and in mourning she shared, “I’m trying to cherish EVERYTHING, even Read More