7 Christian Meditations to Renew and Empower Moms

(Inside: Christian meditations for moms to help reduce anxiety and stress. These short Christian mindfulness meditations will help moms refocus and hear God’s voice.)

You just dropped one of your kids off at practice, picked up another, and are trying to decide what to make for dinner. Your days are filled with work, parenting, and waiting for password reset emails.

You are parenting tweens and teens.

It’s an amazing life phase, but also challenging. Decision overload is at its peak and yet we have the least amount of downtime to actually think about all the balls we’re juggling.

But friends, in the craziness, I’ve discovered Christian meditation and it’s giving me life right now. 

christian meditations
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Finding 8 minutes (or 2 minutes!) to get still and quiet makes a way greater impact on my life than I could have ever imagined. Meditation helps…
  • reduce worry/anxiety
  • get rid of negative self-talk
  • write God’s word on our hearts
  • hear God’s voice
  • find direction
  • feel nourished
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However, these Christian meditations don’t just nourish moms, they also empower our kids.

When we take care of ourselves through meditation, we:

  •   teach our children to go to God for help.
  •   teach our kids to take care of themselves. 
  •   model coping strategies.
  •   model prayer and daily friendship with God.
  •   show our children how to hear God’s voice.

There’s truth to the saying we see printed on mugs and bumper stickers “happy wife (or mom), happy life.”

So, are you wondering how Christian meditation for moms actually works between replying to your work emails and getting your tween to piano lessons?

This practice is so simple, and there are no rules to it. The ebook gives you a guide, tweak it to fit your personality and life. These meditations can be done as you walk the dog, as you’re laying down for the night, in the shower, or while in the car waiting to pick up your child from practice (my favorite). Use the full 8 minutes. Use 2 minutes. Just intentionally stilling your heart and focusing on the One who created you and loves you so much is powerful.

What exactly does Christian meditation look like?

Here’s what the steps are…

Mentally Prepare (1 minute): Be mindful of where you are; allow yourself to be fully present in the moment.

Meditate on the Verse (2 minutes): You’ll be given a scripture verse to meditate on. We focus on keywords/phrases and the truths they represent that strengthen you in your real life. 

Silence (1 minute): Listen for God’s voice and allow Him to both stir and speak to your heart. There is no formula for this, but I give you ideas of where to start.

Prayer (1 minute): Speak to God about what’s on your heart in the same way you’d speak to your most cherished friend.

Silence (2 minutes): Listen again for God’s voice and allow Him to both stir and speak to your heart.

Gratitude (1 minute): Close the 8 minutes mentally listing all the things you are grateful for, thanking God for His tangible ways of showing you that He loves you. Feel God’s love pour over you from head to toe.

In this rhythm of mediation, what tools are we using, and do they work?

We’re using science-backed proven tools to help us slow our racing brains, fill our bodies with peace, and hear God’s voice – that deep knowing – that He puts inside of his. Let me break it down…


What we will do:  


Deep Breathing 

We will take deep breaths that completely fill our lungs. We’ll slowly breathe in and out and let our bodies relax.  

  • Breathe in. (5 seconds) 
  • Hold the air in your lungs. (1 second) 
  • Breathe out. (5 seconds) 

“Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange — that is, the beneficial trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, it can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure.” Read more on the Harvard Medical Publishing website.  


As we breathe in and out, we’ll use mindfulness to help our brains go from all-the-things we have going on, to focus on the present. We’ll focus on the sounds around us, the feel of our heartbeat…etc. We’ll ignore the outside noises, let our worries fade, and be fully aware of now. This helps us sit full attention in front of Jesus, waiting to talk and listen.

When we focus on the future, we can feel anxious. When we focus on the past, we can feel depressed. Mindfulness is being aware of and living in the powerful present. Read about more benefits of mindfulness in Psychology Today.  

Meditate on God’s truth 

We’ll hover over keywords in scripture and let God strengthen us through them. 


Meditation is a powerful tool we can use to let God renew and strengthen us. It’s good for our minds and our bodies. The article on Live and Dare outlines in detail the benefits of meditation.   


We’ll talk and listen to Jesus.  

Prayer is so good for us.  

Read my article on Extravagant Hope explaining why we should pray. 

See how science supports the health benefits of prayer on The Health Site.  


We’ll use silence to listen to how God stirs our hearts (or inner compasses).  

There are 5 benefits of silence including improved memory, stimulates brain growth, stress-relief, better sleep, and heightened sensitivity. Read more on Medical Daily. 


Look, moms. I know we are usually the cheerleaders, but we also need to be encouraged. The eBook’s Christian mediations help us in 3 important areas of our lives where our buckets need to be filled…

1. Knowing we’re loved

Moms need to feel loved. We need to know (and believe!) that the same momma-bear protective intensity in which we love our kids is the same way that our creator cherishes us. 

Through meditation, we can remind ourselves God loves us and is FOR US. We can view ourselves with the same tenderness that Jesus sees us.

Mommas, that can be a life game-changer.

2. Renewing our Strength

Sometimes, I wonder how God carries out His promise to renew us. But then, I see all the research that supports the mental and physical health benefits of prayer, meditation, mindfulness, silence, and deep breathing and instead wonder why I don’t fully use the resources He provides.

Science supports it – meditating on God’s Word and allowing Him to speak to our hearts is a healthy, empowering way to live. Meditation renews our perspective and strength.

3. Finding Direction

In my journey, I  so desperately want God to reveal the big picture and make the entire road clear. But, God wants a relationship with me. He wants to daily walk with me, so that’s how he communicates, telling me one step at a time.

So, after each step, we go back to him and discuss, then try out the next small decision. It reminds us that the journey is just as important (maybe even more important) than the finish line. 

Sitting quietly before Jesus in Christian meditation helps us find the next place to put our feet.

Convinced that you need self-care? I hope so. Let’s keep going. This is a more detailed look at what the structure of the 8 minutes of Christian meditations looks…

Mentally Prepare (1 Minute)

Be mindful of where you are; allow yourself to be fully present in the moment. 

Take a few deep breaths. Breathe in slowly and let the air completely fill your lungs. Slowly exhale. Follow this guide: 

    • Breathe in letting go deep into your lungs. (5 seconds) 
    • Hold the air in your lungs. (1 second) 
    • Breathe out. (5 seconds)
    • Take your focus off all of your outside thoughts (responsibilities: meals, cleaning, work, family, friendships, volunteer work…etc.) and instead focus on the present. Visually, it’s narrowing your focus on your thoughts from the light blue circle into the navy blue circle.   
christian meditations

To help your focus go from the outside oval to the inside one. You can do this by, as you deep breath, being “mindful” of your present.

  • Let your body feel the chair you’re sitting on. (What does the material feel like against your skin?) 
  • Feel your heart pump against your chest.  
  • Hear yourself breath. 
  • Feel the temperature of the room against your skin. 
  • Use your senses to experience your present moment.  

After you’ve shifted your focus to the “now”, be still for a second and sit quietly in the present.  

Let yourself simply “be.” 

Meditate on the Verse (2 minutes): 

You’ll be given a scripture verse to meditate on. Here’s an example of what the meditation practice will look like: 

STEP 1: Read the verse slowly, letting the words sink in. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…”  (Proverbs 3:5) 

STEP 2: Then, meditate on the empowering key verses/phrases and think about the attached truth. 

Keywords/Phrases Truth
Trust in the Lord God is in control.
All your heart I want my whole heart to trust God.
Lean not on your own understanding God sees the big picture better than I do. He knows what he is doing.

Below can be a meditation guide for you: 

  1. Keep your breathing slow. 
  2. Choose one of the keyword/phrases that resonates with you. Close your eyes and write that keyword/phrase (for example: “all your heart”) at the front of your mind.   
  3. With your eyes still closed, look at the words and slowly repeat them 3 times.
  4. Say the attached truth: I want my whole heart to trust God. 
  5. If desired, repeat for the same keyword/phrase or pick a new keyword/phrase. 

Silence (1 minute): 

Listen for God’s voice and allow Him to both stir and speak to your heart. There is no formula for this, but here is an idea of where to start: 

  1. Silence the physical noise around you. 
  2. Visualize a wave coming in and wiping out all of your thoughts. (To think about “nothing” is hard to do! Another option is to imagine the wave wiping out all your thoughts, except for the one “thing” that’s on your mind. Then focus on only that thought. For example, focus on this question, “Should we send our son to kindergarten or hold him back a year?”) 
  3. Now take your focus upward and lay it on our powerful God. 
  4. Bring the focus inward and listen to what God is stirring in your heart (or inner compass).  

Prayer (1 minute): 

Speak to God about what’s on your heart in the same way you’d speak to your most cherished friend. 

Silence (2 minutes): 

Listen again for God’s voice and allow Him to both stir and speak to your heart. (If desired, use the previously mentioned strategy.)

Gratitude (1 minute):

Close the 8 minutes mentally listing all the things you are grateful for, thanking God for His tangible ways of showing you that He loves youFeel God’s love pour over you from head to toe.

So, are you ready to reach for some peace in the chaos?

Do you want to get your hands on the Christian Meditations eBook? Head over to my Etsy shop to learn more. (Side note: I did offer this eBook for free for a limited time. That offer has expired. However, if you want to stay on top of my freebies and get monthly encouragement, sign up for my free monthly emails.)

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