Winter Photography: Capture Beautiful Photos of Your Kids Outside

(Inside: Winter photography can be so beautiful. Here are examples of how to capture an ordinary nature walk with spectacular photos.)

Winter photography and conversations with my sons…

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“This would be a great walking stick.” (Tugging at a large branch on a live tree that shows no sign of releasing.)“Look, there’s a beaver dam. I had no idea a beaver lived here!”

“Watch me crunch this ice.”

“Is that Yeti footprints? Or Big Foot? Nawwww…it’s probably a wolf.”(But definitely not a dog.)

“I wonder if I can break this ice with my boots. Don’t worry mom! I’m at the edge of the lake where the water is really shallow.” (Don’t care. No trying to break the frozen lake beneath you. Come back to the path.)

“I need to take home this birds nest.” (Let’s leave it – the bird might come back.)

“Mom, my brother just hit me with a stick.”

“Mom, it wasn’t on purpose. I was practicing warrior moves. I didn’t see him behind me.”

“Look at that dog. Mom, you’re letting us get a dog right?”

“Mom, I love wearing my ski goggles on this walk.”

“Hey, where’d you get that? I need a cattail plant too.”

“Look over here!

“Let’s go over there!”

Straight-ahead distance traveled = .25 miles
Total-zig-zagged distance traveled = 4.25 miles
winter photography
winter photography
winter photography
winter photography
winter photography
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winter photography