Awesome Photos of Your Kids Using Superhero Halloween Costumes.

(Inside: Photos using Halloween costumes. Adventure – the language my boys speak. I love that I found a creative way to capture a piece of their story.)

I just love these photos with the Halloween costumes.

My three boys – in all their superhero glory –  are one of the featured costumes over at Simple Moments Stick. The pictures are from just a few years ago, and oh how they look so young!  Slow down, time.

I found a great picture floating around the internet: A little girl was sitting on a stool, reading a magazine and all her princess dresses were on a clothesline behind her.  She was taking a break from all her royal responsibilities.

I thought I’d translate that idea. 

My little superheroes…taking a rest break…

Laughing at how many close calls they had in their adventures…

And posing for their fans.

Ah, adventure – the language my boys speak. I love that I found a creative way to capture a piece of their story. 

phtoos halloween costumes
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