sacred moment

Moms of Older Kids, Did You See Your Sacred Moment?

(Inside: Moms of big kids, did you see your sacred moment today? Mentally capturing the mom-moments we never want to forget.)

In mom life, I look for my sacred moments.

They sneak up on me.

Happen most days.

And only take the tiniest of seconds.

But they fill my heart up until it overflows. Every single time.

I stood outside in the driveway, my fingers laced around coffee with salted mocha creamer.

The steady bounce of the basketballs leaving my son’s hands and thumping against the backboard floated in the air. Laughter of my sons playing together trickled across my ears. The wind gently swayed the trees and set the last of the season’s flowers in motion.


The normality of the moment was surprisingly soothing

The kind of moment when time freezes in the briefest of seconds and blessing after blessing in your life illuminates as if it’s your first time seeing them. (Again.)

Heaven felt near, happiness reigned and my whole soul felt the verse “Be still and know that I am God.”  (Psalm 46:10, NIV) 

Then it was over. One brother started bickering with another, the mug became empty, and we needed to pile into the car and go.

But, before it did. 

Without a shadow of a doubt.

I felt God’s love.

And it was perfect.

In mom life, I look for my sacred moments.

sacred moment
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sacred moment

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