hold your teen

Hold Your Babies, Hold Your Teens Even Closer

(Inside: Everyone says, “Hold your babies,” but I say, “Hold your teens.” Hold them in your prayers. Go before God and…read on…)

Everyone says, “Hold your babies,” but I say, “Hold your teens.”

Hold them in your prayers.
Go before God and mentally lay your big kids at his feet and ask for protection, wisdom, strength, and blessings. Then believe God is for your family, working and guiding.
Hold their dreams.
Youth is the time for our kids to try new things, explore, discover, and grow. Encourage, guide, and listen. Be their safe place to land, their home base to process life and unpack thoughts.
Hold them in your arms.
They’re not too big. Wrap your arms around your kids and say how much you love them and how proud you are.

Hold their education.

School isn’t about grades – no way – it’s so much more. Use their educational journey to help them learn healthy routines, interests, knowledge, organization, and people skills. Teach them how to navigate this world through school while they are still in the safety of your home.
Hold their hearts.
Teens are tough but also so very tender. And they desperately want to be respected, heard, and known by you. Honestly, they don’t care if you’re perfect, they just want you to pursue them. You are everything to them.
Hold their schedules.
Crazy busy life. Show up for your big kids. Cheer them on at games. Take pictures of dances. Sit around the table and eat together. Hang out in the living room, just to be around. Over and over, keep participating in their lives.
hold your teens

Hold their life lessons.

Talk to your kids about everything. From faith to culture to the best local restaurants. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Leave no topic off the table. Teens hear cray-cray messages, and they need your wisdom in the mix like bread needs yeast.
Hold them in grace.
Not just your teens, but your whole family. Perfection is impossible. I’m high-energy, type-A and I’ve tried so hard to “get it all right” and despite the effort, messy has crept in and set up camp. Put life into perspective, give yourself and your family grace, then carry on knowing full-of-flaws is what this season looks like.
Hold them accountable.
Show your kids that you believe they are both highly capable and people of integrity by teaching them that their actions matter. All choices have consequences, and let those play out so they learn to respect themselves and others. They will thank you later for it.

Hold them in love.

You are their mom. The one who loved them first. You don’t have to hold back: care for your kids with your whole heart. They will feel your love and carry it with them their entire lives.
You held your kids when they were babies,
Now that they’re teens.
I say.
Hold them even closer.
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